13 Reasons Why Memes – 49 Pics

Memes based on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

1everything I hate In one picture

2me when hannah got into the bath

3Things I Want To Ride #13ReasonsWhy

4"can we play something other than Hannah Baker's tapes?"

5Friend:Gosh you're such an dumbass. Me: @13.reasonswhymemes Allegedly

6When Hannah is on Zach's tape and she brings up the time she yelled at him and says "You should've let it go."

7Season 2 confirmed? Look at the jacket, why would they label the only season as season 1. This means there must be a season 2.

8When you accidentally send a screenshot to the person you screenshoted *

9me every time Courtney says anything

10"13 reasons why taught me that i need to be kind to everyone" you needed...a tv show...to know that....?

11when your friend is starting to argue with you when they think they're right but clearly they're not so you have to say

12If I see another "welcome to your tape" joke

13Me after watching 13 reasons why: hold all these feels


15Me when Clay doesn't listen to all the tapes in one night

16me when there's only five minutes left of the show and none of the big questions have been answered

17Courtney: *says something* Me: Wrong

18When your friend tells you that they're on episode 2 of 13 reasons why.

19Tyler: I'm just taking pictures for the yearbook

20Courtney throughout the whole show acting like her fake-bossy self as usual.

21Clay to Hannah: I'm sorry. I'm not going. Not now. Not ever. I love you Hannah. Me:

22Me: Pass the aux cord Friend: You better not Play trash Me: @13.reasonswhymemes

23Tony waiting for Clay to finish the tapes*

24Friend: Have you finished watching 13 reasons why? Me: Yeah Friend: But you were on episode 3 yesterday? Me:

25When Hannah told Clay to go away

26The perfect boy dosen't exi-

27When u finish watching 13 reasons why

28*Hannah's parents find her in the tub Me:

29me when everything is starting to connect and make more sense after tape 10.

30Mr.Porter acting like he's doing his job right and acting like he cares.

31Courtney: *breathes* Me:

32Clay: welcome to Liberty High Me: Shook

33*Courtney on her way to share her opinion that no one cares about*

34i need a spinoff show called "13 reasons jeff atkins deserved better"

35name a more iconic duo, I'll wait

3613 Reasons Why Vs. Me

37*finishes watching 13 reasons why* Me to author: pardon me, but you really hurt my feelings


38Tony when he meets up with Clay the next day, trying to convince him that he didn't drive up on him the night before

39clay: *wakes up* tony: LISTEN TO THE TAPES CLAYYdo you want 13 reasons why season 2?

40Tyler: Bryce. The rapist. Courtney: alleged rapist. Me:

41*me watching 13 reasons why* courtney: * breathes* me:

42Me after finishing #13reasonswhy and hearing other people talk about how they're on episode 3 or 4

43When your only friend doesn't reply to your message in one second

44Jeff Atkins ain't dead if you don't watch episode 10

45Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself.

46watch "13 Reasons Why" and you'll realize just how important every little thing you say to someone really is. be kind, it could save a life.

47me: i love everyone in 13 reasons why also me: except these two i hope they choke

48when you start 13 Reason Why vs when you finish it

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