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4Billion-dollar idea: A movie theater for women on their periods. All the seats will have heating pads, a chocolate bar, box of Kleenex and glass of wine. I shall name it: The Angry Womb. Movie selections will include romantic comedies and cry-your-eyes-out dramas. The ‘private* bathrooms will be stocked with feminine products and more chocolate things. Dress code: sweat pants.

5I think it could be E! I You’re saying tnat to the :amera crew that’s been documenting your family’s every nBjw since 2006. Itffinyour contract. : “For years, somebody family has been self to the medi


7Me at 3 a.m. when I should be sleeping...

8when you're finally reading a really popular book and it's really really bad

9When your kids don't like your music choices while you drive them to school, so you're like... Walkden

10All I'm saying is your jokes are hurtful Jacob... ... And you know I prefer ketchup!

11When I say I’m hungry and someone says, “you just ate...

12When someone asks me how my diet is going, and I'm like.... ... Fine.


14When you in an argument and you hear him mutter "okay you're right" under his breath

15Society: Be yourself. Society: No. Not like that.

16Cooking is hard...

17Me after going 3 minutes without food

18Sometimes when I wipe... I'll wipe and all wipe and all wipe and all wipe... a hundred times still poop, still poop. It's like I'm wiping a marker or something.

19Things my kids do

20Happy birthday Kim...

21This is like watching a couple complaining about who walked the dog last.

22when u laughing at hillary and donald debating but then u remember that one of these two is our next president

23As an adult, I can quite literally do whatever I want to, but I always end up wanting to just go home

24When you’re pretending to be sick so you don’t have to adult today.

25I have to call you back Susan, my 72 month old son is getting hungry and when he gets hungry he gets cranky...

26My balls every time he makes us sit through a morning meeting...

27Me before work vs. me 5 minutes into my shift...

28when ur iPhone charger breaks but ur sibling has one that works

29Jimmy Fallon's guest: hi Jimmy Fallon:

30When your Dad joke made the kids laugh and you have to wait for them to calm down.

31When your entire squad cancels, but you’re a strong, independent man who don't need nobody to have a good time.


33I don't want to adult today. Today, I want to dog. I want to be lying on the floor in the sun. Please pet me and bring snacks.


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