Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

1On dasher. On Dancer. On MasterCard and Visa.


2Hot shingles in your area looking to get nailed. Hot shingles you say?

3My girlfriend asked me to fix her boot...

4My ex is somewhere out there telling people I'm crazy. I'm out here enjoying a beer and proving it.

5I made a Gingerbread House for Christmas. Let me know if you want the recipe.

6How I sleep at night knowing I don't have work tomorrow.

7This is why women live longer than men

8Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's about to scare the crap out of the dog. *boop*

9This piece of cake is more attractive than most of the guys I know

10Current Mood...

11Birthday parties before 21, Vs. Birthday parties after 21.

12I don't care how old I am, when I see a bubble, I will hunt it down and kill it.

13"You have to fight for what you believe in" Me: OK ¨Pineapple DOES go on pizza

14If you don't terrify people a little bit then what's the point.

15I thought this sort of thing only happend in cartoons...

16If the ceiling fan could hold my weight, I would never be bored again.

17How to baby and kitty proof your Christmas tree.

18This is what happens when you ask your husband to put away the left overs;

19Santa after eating cookies that were left out for him in Colorado.

20When you've had two weeks to work on a report for work and it's due tomorrow and you haven't done anything.

21No. Becky I won't turn water into Starbucks.

22Sawdust? You mean man glitter.

23When you get a new pair of shoes and stand like this until people notice

24When people ask me what i'm doing tonight, I'm like...

25The awkward moment when your neighborhoods their Penis Tree...

26When your friends thought you died at the pregame but you come back out stronger than ever.

27When your dog eaves the room you're in 1 - 2 hurts just a little

28My husbands exact words, five minutes before this happened were, "it's not that icy..."

29Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'

30Sometimes I sit quietly and wonder why I'm not in a mental asylum. Then I take a good look around at everyone and realize... maybe I am.

31Boy, Rudolph really let himself go...

32It's Friday night and hell is full

33When you're watching a movie with subtitles.

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