Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics

1Some of you girls need a to calm down on the makeup till we get this clown situation under control

2Inspirational quote of the day: don't be a twat waffle.

3I try to live an adventurous life but it's hard to do with $4.87.

4I have to plug my phone into the charger so much throughout the day, that I basically have a landline again,

5I want a restraining order on everyone who doesn't wear deodorant

6When ur pet falls asleep in ur lap and you have to choose between dying or waking them up

7When your mom would do your hair as a kid

8Have you ever had one of those poops you just got to get naked for it

9Relationship goals: Find someone as lazy as you are.

10My wife told me to take a spider out instead of killing it. We went and had drinks. Cool guy, wants to be a web designer.

11Me at social gatherings... Ugh, people.

12"Hello this is your captain speaking. I have fallen out of the plane yikes loi. Very impressed with the range on this Bluetooth headset tho"

13I just want a relationship as strong as this guy's yellow button...

14"What could be better than having kids?" Silence and money.

15I don't always drink but when i do, i pee a lot

16Friend's Dog vs Orange Peel

17How it feels when you shower, eat breakfast, feed all your kids, get them off to school and even make it to work on time.

18I feel like I've let these poles down some how

19My coworker is sick of people stealing his food. I lick ever piece.

20When you keep saying you'll fold the laundry later...

21When you realize Brad Pitt is single, so you’re trying to be super cute in the hopes he notices.

22Me Monday morning when my boss asks why I’m late...

23When u go to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook but remember they didn't wish u one on yours

24I can always tell what sort of day my wife has had, by how full she fills her wine glass.

25Me after I put all my kids to bed..

26You know you're getting old when you rush home just to be like...

27I have 2 reactions when going out: 1.	Ew, the sun 2.	Ew, the people

28When you're an actual professional clown and you just wanna go to work...

29Is it a bird? ... Or a rabbit flying through the air on skis?

30When you’re mid evacuation, but you forgot your phone charger at home...

31You know that moment when you close a cupboard and hear something fall? That's the sound of someone else's problem.

32my secret talent is getting tired without doing anything


34Nothing saves money like being antisocial

35I This is the most “fall” photo I've ever seen...


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