Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics

1Amazon Prime

2How kids view the interior of my car...

3When you find out the Titanic sank with approximately 500 pounds of cheese cake still on board...

4When you’re drunk and you’re trying to explain where you live to the Uber driver...

5PENCE: I’m a man of faith. If it’s wrong to help Trump become President, then God will tell me. GOD:

6When you're trying to act sober in the uber so the driver doesn't judge you

7Mountains aren't just funny, they're hill areas.

8You know you’re getting old when you watch a horror movie with annoying teenagers getting murdered and you identify with the killer.

9When you’re leaving work, and you accidentally make eye contact with the annoyingly chatty co-worker...

10Every time a character dies on a TV show I just feel bad for the actor who pretty much just got fired in front of us.

11When life is going really well. I mean like, really, really well, so you’re like... That seems suspicious...

12When you’re roughly a week away from winning an election and the FBI re-opens your investigation...

13My daily routine..

14I miss the old katy

15□ i need a job and a boyfriend Like • Comment Share 8 minutes ago • ^ tUb 2 people like this. Prostitution is a good halfway point. 7 minutes ago • Like •	11

16I'm sorry sir, It looks like your luggage is too heavy for the plane You'll have to remove some items and put them in your carry-on, which is going on the same plane

17When someone offers me their food and I have to act surprised, like I haven't been eyeing it the entire time.

18When you step into the bathtub and the water is too hot...

19When you did something wrong as a kid and your Mamma slapped the taste out of your mouth, then said, “you got exactly 5 seconds to fix your face!"

20When you bring your car in for a routine oil change and find out your car has 19 other problems and only has 2 weeks left to live...

21Me want COOKIES!

22When the cashier holds up your $20 dollar bill to see if it’s real and you’re just like...

23I Feed me street tacos and tell me I’m pretty...

24When a woman starts laughing during an argument, she's flipped her psycho switch and is about to murder you.

25Lucky for me I don't have enough friends for an intervention.

26I was going to buy viagra the other day... ...but something came up

27Do you think Hawaiian offices have a "Wear a boring shirt to work day?"

28I farted in my wallet now i have gas money

29"It's okay, he's with me now in that big RV in the sky."

30I see you only have $0.56 in your account, so here's an $8.95 "monthly maintenance fee", for not having enough money to prevent the fee You account is now in the red, and you owe us $8.39. but wait you overdrafted here's a $35 fee. You're welcome, and thank you for choosing Bank of America

31Put away your laundry or I'll punch you in the face. Love, Mom

32Just finished cleaning the house - Come over, quick! Nope, too late.

33Hello darkness my old friend new phone, who dis

34And when the clock strikes midnight, Halloween will end then bam Christmas carols everywhere

35In a world full of princesses. Dare to be Batman.

36My summer bikini body never happened but my fall sweater body is ready to go.


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