Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics

1How To Drink Wine 1.	Open the bottle and let it breathe 2.	If it doesn't look like it is breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth

2How freakishly real is my kids doll?

3I don't need a birthday 'cause i buy myself all the presents I need and because of my drinking they're often a surprise

4Kids toys should come with better warning labels, like "loud as hell" "no off switch" and "requires 217 batteries."

5The Super Moon as seen from Idaho

6...Well that's horrifying

7If you kids can't be quiet, i'll tell your father to turn this car around!

8When you tell a good joke and still thinking about it hours later...

9Wish I was as brave as my kid who just ate zero bites of her dinner and then asked my wife for a snack 6 minutes after the table was clear.

10When I say "I mopped the bathroom floor." What I really mean is my kids took a bath, got water all over the place, and I wiped it up with a towel.

11You know what this adultery needs? ... Sandwiches!

12I wish the Taco Food Truck Industry would adopt the Ice Cream Man's Business model

13Don't even talk to me... ...I'm dealing with things right now.

14When you wanna save lives but fishing is life

15Did you ladies go out last night? ...Maybe.

16Free Bird! (Some assembly required)

17When your friend starts telling a story that you know is 100% bullsh*t

18The face you make when someone sends you a naked pic on the sly...

19Home Alone Well, that escalated quickly.

20Just settled a divorce over visitation of a parrot. Neither may teach it negative phrases about the other. I went to law school for this.

21When you ask her nicely to please stop pushing your buttons, but she’s like...

22Melania Trump constantly looks like she's seen you somewhere but can't remember where.

23It's simple... ...I'm going to steal the moon.

24When I wake up freezing with no covers and look over and see my bae like...

25I’m pretty sure that’s not the image they were planning to run with that story... Breaking News Due to a decrease In cookie sales, The Girl Scouts switch to a more agresive sales campaign

26Biden: call him or I'm not leaving Obama: yes hello Santa? Joe wants you to know he's moving and not to bring his presents here next year

27When you ask her if she wants to come over for a little “Netflix and Chill” and she’s like, “Nah, but what about...”

28when you & your friend both have terrible ideas & consistently encourage each other to act on them

29Can someone please tell them that cows don’t die when you milk them...

30When you remember no matter how bad things get, there’s always burritos.

31When you just sat down after cleaning the breakfast mess and the kids are already asking what’s for lunch...

32When your kid keeps showing you the same thing over and over, and in your mind you’re like... I seen't it

33Eating around kids is like...

34Obama: Joe, you ever get tired of being in these memes? Biden: Are you kidding me? Check out how many Americans these things keep happy! Obama: Amen, brother. Carry on. Biden: Good. Let’s change all the computers to Arabic.

35When that third bottle of wine starts to kick in...

36Someone rearranged the letters in the word, "spine" at this chiropractor's office

37When you planned on having a ladies night, but you're all too old and after 9 p.m. you fell asleep.

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