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Animals That Totally Look Like Celebrities – 50 Pics

They say people often look like their pets, however for some celebrities, the similarities are truly uncanny.

Ron Perlman and this Dog

1Ron Perlman Dog

Harrison Ford and this Dog

2Harrison Ford Dog

Snoop Dogg and this dog

3Snoop Dogg Dog

Madonna and this Frog

4Madonna Frog

Samuel L. Jackson and this Dog

5Samuel L. Jackson Dog

Cher and this Afghan Hound

6Cher Afghan Dog

Peyton Manning and this Dog

7Peyton Manning Dog

Pink and this Cockatoo

8Pink Cockatoo

Garey Busey and this Monkey

9Garey Busey Monkey

Tracy Morgan and this Sea Otter

10Tracy Morgan Sea Otter

Jamie Hyneman and this Walrus

11Jamie Hyneman Walrus

Nicki Minaj and this Cat

12Nicki Minaj Cat

Danny Devito and this Baby Panda

13Danny Devito Baby Panda

Miley Cyrus and this Giraffe

14Miley Cyrus Giraffe

Rihanna and this Llama

15Rihanna Llama

Whoopi Goldberg and this Dog

16Whoopi Goldberg Dog

Taylor Lautner and this Alpaca

17Taylor Lautner Alpaca

Adam Driver and this Cat

18Adam Driver Cat

Donald Trump and this Sloth

19Donald Trump Sloth

George Bush and this Monkey

20George Bush Monkey

Gordon Ramsay and this Dog

21Gordon Ramsay Dog

John Travolta and this Dog

22John Travolta Dog

Mark Zuckerberg and this Manatee

23Mark Zuckerberg Manatee

Adrien Brody and this Lesula Monkey

24Adrien Brody Lesula Monkey

Paris Hilton and this Llama

25Paris Hilton Llama

Prince and this Dog

26Prince Dog

Richard Branson and this Dog

27Richard Branson Dog

Nick Offerman and this Cat

28Nick Offerman Grumpy Cat

Sofia Vergara and this Hyena

29Sofia Vergara Hyena

Taylor Momsen and this Racoon

30Taylor Momsen Racoon

Rowan Atkinson and this Owl

31Rowan Atkinson Owl

Jack Black and this Pug

32Jack Black Pug

Iggy Pop and this Cat

33Iggy Pop Cat

Clint Eastwood and this Dog

34Clint Eastwood Dog

David Duchovney and this Monkey

35David Duchovney Monkey

Anderson Cooper and this Cat

36Anderson Cooper Cat

Benedict Cumberbatch and this Otter

37Benedict Cumberbatch Otter

Ann Coulter and this Owl

38Ann Coulter Owl

Dalai Lama and this Llama

39Dalai Lama Llama

Vladimir Putin and this Dog

40Vladimir Putin Dog

Hitler and this Cat

41Hitler Cat

Tina Turner and Chow the Dog

42Tina Turner Chow the Dog

Eliot Spitzer and this Sea Turtle

43Eliot Spitzer Sea Turtle

Slvador Dali and Hamilton the Cat

44Slvador Dali Hamilton the Cat

Joaquin Phoenix and this Bear

45Joaquin Phoenix Bear

Kim Kardashian and this Killer Whale

46Kim Kardashian Killer Whale

David Mitchell and this Koala

47David Mitchell Koala

Leonardo Dicaprio and the Strutting Kitty

48Leonardo Dicaprio Strutting Kitty

Snoop Dogg and this Dog

49Snoop Dogg Dog

Donald Trump and this Cat

50Donald Trump Cat

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