Funny First World Problems Memes – 50 Pics

1I want to eat chips but i can't hear my tv over the crunching

2I need to go to work but it's so warm in here

3This goomba always kill me first world problems

4Eat food while streaming movie finish food before movie finish buffering

5Ordered food, now i have to wear pants

6I left the remote on the other side of the room

7I don't have enough dip for my chips. But if i open another container, i won't have enough chips for my dip.

8My laptop is dying. But my charger is all the way upstairs.

9This software update requires that I restart my computer.

10I was pressing A to fast and had to talk to the Pokemon center's nurse all over again

11I want to turn off the lights but the bed is too comfortable

12My iPhone is not the newest anymore

13My raisin bran had too many raisins in it this morning

14I burnt the roof of my mouth

15I hate my government but I live too comfortably to get motivated enough to do anything about it.

16Sat down in living room with dinner, got comfortable I left my drink in the kitchen

17I'm so tired of eating at all of the restaurants near work

18Just used my Pandora skip for the hour next song is even worse

19Go to take poop forget to bring smartphone

20I want food from the back of the fridge but it's blocked by all the food in the front of the fridge

21Wants to lay on side while texting smart phone auto rotates the screen

22Had to wear a winter coat out to the bars. Now I have to hold on to it the whole night.

23Have so many strong Pokemon only six slots in your party

24My coke fizzed too much when I poured it into my glass and I had to wait for the fizz to go down before I could continue pouring

25Typed out entire password text box wasn't selected

26Thought my Hot Pocket was cooked all the way through. It wasn't.

27My shampoo and conditioner Never run out at the same time

28I have to quit playing video games so I can go have sex with my girlfriend

29There isn't any food there is just a bunch of ingredients to make food

30If my ripped jeans keep ripping Ill need to buy new ripped jeans

31I didn't mean to close that tab

32Everything that's ever happened to me

33I bought the cd because I liked the single the rest of the album is crap

34Best tweet I ever wrote 144 characters

35The pizza box doesn't fir in the fridge.

36Tried to open car door while locked First World Problems

37My commute to work is so short my car only gets warm when I get there.

38First World Problems? Aliens

39I'm hungry but I already brushed my teeth

40I have more clothes than hangers

41I tried to spread cold butter on my toast and the bread ripped

42The phone rang in the middle of Masturbation

43Bought new shampoo forgot to bring it in the shower

44My pirated music came no album artwork.

45Someone on the internet disagrees with me

46I tried to make a Facebook status update and no one liked it

47I poured my cereal into the bowl without checking to see if we still had milk. We didn't.

48My room mate ate a hotdog without a bun... Now I have an uneven ratio of hotdogs to buns.

49Everyone in the picture is tagged expect for the attractive person i wanted to stalk

50I hate the awkward distance of deciding whether or not to hold the door for someone.

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