Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics

1Autocorrect changed "morning run" to "morning rum" ...change of plans, guys.

2Just choked on an apple seed. This is what I get for trying to eat healthy. Reese's Peanut Butter cups don't pull this shit.

3I'm an adult i can totally eat this and not get any on me. How'd I do? Good?

4Coal dust on the fiddle And other old-timey names for STDs

5When you run into someone who says they know you from high school...

6When you go back to the liquor store 3 times in one day, and finally you’re like

7I think that stupid people were put on this planet to test my anger management skills.

8when you're halfway through an argument and you realise that you're wrong

9When anyone asks me to do anything at work

10When that annoying co-worker won’t stop talking and you’re trying not to lose it.

11Friend: be ready by 7:30 sharp Me at 7:30:

12"your pizza will be there in 30-45 minutes" *46 minutes later* me on the phone with the pizza place: I just think it's really funny how

13My life the last couple of months...

14This is my “Happy Face” these days...

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18Business card from my barber

19When I tell my kids not to get any water on the floor when they’re in the bath, and they’re like...

20PETA was in town the other day, protesting the abuse of animals and handing out stickers. I gave one to my cat.

21I relate to this plant...

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23A bowl of chicken tenders and fries around your straw that leads to your beer, for you to enjoy during a baseball game. Because, MURICA!

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25Have you ever seen a wet Koala? If you have, then you know what nightmares are made of.

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27Lil' Wayne Lotta Wayne

28When you're trying to make it sound like you eat healthier than you actually do. Fresh poultry cuts smothered with wheat powder and boiled in olive juice

29When you try to put something back together again using the cheap glue...

30When you said 2017 was going to be your year but it’s nearly june and you’re still single and poor

31Who wore it better?

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33Story of my life...

34When you’re waiting for your man to notice you got your hair done...

35When you’re home alone and hear a noise so u check all the rooms in the house to make u feel better

36Me sneaking food in the movies like...

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