Funny Pictures Of The Day – 40 Pics

1Of course no one deserves to be tied up and robbed at gun point, but maybe if you travel with millions of dollars worth of jewelry and constantly show it off and brag, you deserve it.

2Canadian border patrol watching for illegal Americans.

3Everything I like is either expensive, illegal, or doesn't text back.

4I asked my wife to send me some underwear pictures, this is what I got in return...

5I am: Republican Democrat Drinking until this election is over

6Give me a word a married man would use to fill in the blank: "I would ... for sex." Lie. I would never do this, but ... Beg. I'm going to kick it up a noch and say: kill

7Found some boneless potatoes

8When you get seasick and throw up over the side of a boat and just turn around and look at everybody like

9They call cat people crazy but we're not the ones outside at 5AM every morning putting fresh doq poop into tiny baqqies.

10When you get your paycheck and see how much was taken out for taxes. This is all starting to feel like bullshit.

11When someone tells you their baby is 87 weeks old...

12“Sir, you can’t bring lifestock to Wal Mart.” “That’s my wife officer.’’

13Meme land My home

14No one ever said, college would be easy...

15Best Mom Advice: Grab life by the testicles and keep twintig until screams "Uncle" or passes out.

16Women Toilet: Meanwhile, in Thailand...

17Tip of the day: Never eat at a food establishment that keeps its tongs in the restroom.

18My girl been givin me the silent treatment for days so I threw away her toothbrush... If she not gon talk to me she not talking to anyone.

19I'm adopting a healthier lifestyle...

20Defensive eating: Strategically consuming food for the sole purpose of preventing others from getting it.

21Current mood... I need sleep. Come back in a month.

22When an application form asks who to contact in an emergency I always put ambulance or police... I mean wtf is my mother going to do

23Our cat hid my wife’s hair tie. She found it later.

24How my wife looks at me when she’s been mean to me all day and I finally got her some food... *sip* I'm better now.

25Halloween falls on a Monday this year. If that doesn't sum up just how bad 2016 has been, I don't know what will. October 2016

26When you’re at work hiding in the bathroom and you’re contemplating quitting your job and selling everything you own and living out of your car while you travel the country looking for a new life...

27When someone asks if I have health insurance, I’m like...

28You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about.

29Play that funky music white boy.

30I Pumpkin Season In Colorado...


32When it s payday and you start buying unnecessary things...

33When you’re actually putting in a max effort for the first time in your life, but no one cares...

34That one guy at the gym who always skips leg day...

35Cop: Do you know how fast you were going? Albert Einstein: Speed is relative officer.

36The most ignored label in history...

37Dog 911: What’s your emergencyP Dog: My ball is stuck under the couch! Dog 911: Have you tried barking at itP Dog: Yeah, it didn’t work! Dog 911: OMG! Dog: OMG!

38I wish people randomly offered me weed as often as my middle school health teacher said they would.

39Why does this lady hate swans so much?

40God: What you want America? America: Just mess us up for 4 years. God: You got it...


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