Funny Pictures Of The Day – 61 Pics

1LIFE HACK: If you don’t have any friends, just cut a piece of bread in the shape of a hand and put it in the toaster. When it pops up, it feels like a real “high five.”

2Just bumped into a mannequin & said "sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realized I was still talking to a mannequin.

3When your boss asks for a note to prove you're really sick...

4"Microwave ate his lunch."

5Funny, Memes, Pictures: when-youre-just-not-sure-what-to-do

6Just went for a piss while still wearing my microphone and the whole conference heard me call the urinal a "thirsty boy"

7When your wife keeps putting her cold feet on you...


9An accurate representation of when you go from childhood to adulthood

10...And that's pretty much how 2017 is going so far.

11When someone asks me how my life is going... All is well in waffleville.

12When you're on your honeymoon playing naked hide-n-go-seek.

13What's your dress size? Leggings.

14Son, my best advice is to find a girl with an embarrassing tattoo and marry her. She knows how to make bad decisions and stick with them.

15My wife packs the best lunch

16A non-political post you're welcome

17Once you've seen a guy walking his Hoover, there is really nothing else to on the internet.

18officer: pop the trunk me: i can explain i swear

19When my roommate asks if I've been eating their food, and i'm like... No.

20I missed one payment...

21So you're saying you're spiritual? Did you know that demons are spirits? I'm going to need you to be more specific.


23When your dreams are this but your budget is this

24When you have pre-school at 8:00 but have to destroy Japan at 09:00

25I just want someone to look at me the way this guy looks a milk.

26When you and your bestie sit silently judging everyone's outfits from the corner of the party like...

27Life is hard... ...eat the carbs!

28When someone walks past me with a plate of nachos, I’m like...

29When people at work ask me how my night was and I’m like... Good. I watched TV for 14 hours.

30Listen. I'll be honest with you, in the future with your next match do NOT use holy guacamole. You are a good looking guy but that killed it, I am allergic to guacamole and you Nice choice of words. Bravo avocado. $ Share Image

31This squirrel looks like me waiting for the food to be served at every party I've ever been to...

32Our intern starts today. We thought we'd have a little fun with her...

33Automotive version of I can fit in these pants

34My son struggling to pick up a book...

35Me: I need money to travel. My Bank Account: LOL. Like to the park?

36Just another job my guidance counselor never told me about...

37Some people, “Live, Laugh, Love.” This is how I roll...

38Me when my cat won’t stop licking himself at 2 a.m...

39If you thought your WTF’s couldn’t get any more WTF-ier. Try having kids.

40Funny, Memes, Pictures: your-notes-in-class

41When you realize they forgot the BBQ sauce for your nuggets...

42Do that thing I like Yeah, one large pizza for delivery please

43When ever someone asks me if I want to leave the house after I have already taken off my bra. I’m like...

44Me looking at all my problems, like...

45Relationship goals...

46Me five minutes after eating a salad for dinner. I'm starving.

47Old guys in nursing homes are like... No. You hang up.

48I finally found a workout plan that fits my lifestyle...

49When your wife says, “You think that’s funny?” Stop

50I’m going to take this as a sign from God, that I need more wine in my life. THE WINE STORE

51Kid: Mommy, look! Look! Look, Mommy! Mommy! Mommy, Look! Look, Look! Mommy! Mom:

52When my friends text me at 5 a.m. to see if I’m up and coming to meet them at the gym, and I’m like... "Yep, on my way."

53The awkward moment when you actually see a deer caught in a headlight. Update: We managed to remove the light from the deer and he ran off with one hell of a story to tell his deer friends.

54Me 10 minutes after calling in sick to work...

55When your wife asks for a back rub, and you try for more...

56Early to bed and early to rise. Probably means you don't have any WiFi

57Aww, I love you too Taco Tuesday!

58When your Mom, who has no business cutting hair, cuts yours...

59What i thought 2017 was going to be What 2017 is, actually

60When my wife says, "get dressed, we're going out to eat" and i'm like...

61Just another job my guidance counselor never told me about... This Woman Makes $9,000 A Month Eating In Front Of A Webcam

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