Funny Pictures Of The Day – 63 Pics

1I wonder if Eric Clapton thought she looked wonderful, or if it was the 20th outfit she had tried on, and he just wanted to get to the party.

2Finally my Winter fat is gone, now I have Spring rolls.

3I got a job at Comcast and completed training so I could fix my own cable because it was faster than being on hold with customer service.

4When your kids are losing their minds and you gotta connect with Jesus so you dont do anything stupid.

5A poem about work: Coffee Blah Blah Blah Drive Home Wine

6When our valet went to get our car, I noticed he was doing some light reading...

7As an adult, I always forget that I can literally get in my car and buy a cake whenever i want and no one can stop me.

8You gonna eat that?

9When my boss asks how work is coming along... ...Amazing sir.

10When you and your best friend have matching outfits...

11When your wife tells you to shave your beard...

12When you're taking a leak on a trail in the woods and you see hikers coming...

13There is a big difference talking to friends before and after midnight... 12:00am: I like mac & cheese 12:01am: I killed a man oncfi.

14Me anytime anything touches me when I’m in a ocean, lake or mud puddle. SHARK!!!!!

15I just want someone to look at me way this kid looks at potatoes.

16When the wild marshmallows are harvested...

17When mom brushed ur hair w/ this... she also brushed your ears, forehead, neck & brain

18I don't know who this lady is, but based on her tattoo and what she's holding, i think she and i could be besties...

19When she says, "we need to talk" and you prepare yourself like...


21You say "hospitalization for a nervous breakdown." I hear "quiet vacation with awesome drugs."

222017 got me like... This is very bad

23Wow, what's her skincare routine?

24When you've had a rough day at preschool and need something to take the edge off...

25Guys I'm scared there's a biker gang just hanging out in front of the gas station

26When you were the last one to show up at the meeting this morning and all the donuts were already taken, so you just have to sit there like...

27I don't agree with everyone on the left or the right. I just want to see a functioning government that promotes equality and scientific advancement.

28When i look at my life and wonder why i'm not super successful yet. Man time really flies when you take two naps a day.

29What doesn't kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a really dark sense of humour

30Me at work: "When i get home i'm going to clean the house, do all the laundry and make an amazing dinner..." Me 5 minutes after getting home from work...

31Love is patient Love is kind Love is not throwing your dog's shit bag on my lawn

32Why does this milk look like it lifts?

33My husband when he replaces the toilet paper once... ...What would my wife do without me.

34True story: Surgeon: Did someone fart? Silence Surgeon: I need to know if someone farted. I may have perforated bowel. Med student: I farted	ai

35I put my symptoms on webMD and it turns out... I just need to be on a beach with a glass of wine.

36person: did you know it's bad when you use cotton swabs because you're just pushing the- me:

37Her Dad is going to be pissed if she doesn’t return those boots before he gets up for work...

38When you check your texts after a night of heavy drinking...

39You know, exercise will make you look better naked. So does vodka, sweetie...

40How does global warming cause sea level to rise?

41"Tell me a little bit about yourself" Me: Damaged but adorable

42What hasn't killed me has only made me stronger. So to be honest, I don't think the gym is necessary for me.

43My mom likes to snapchat me... Look it's all the people who want to date you

44When you live with your parents vs. when you get your own place

45Me too, sir. Me too... I have a job just need more money

46When you’re officially done with everyone’s crap...

47Him: Why you always mad?! Her: Why you always making me mad?

48me trying to keep my life together

49New York City Apartment for rent. $7000 a month plus utilities.

50The awkward moment when you're not sure if they made a mistake, or it's an arranged marriage. You will marry me

51When someone asks me if I want 1 or 2 slices of pizza... "Lemme get three"

52When someone asks me what its like being a Mom, I’m like...

53When you get half way to work and you realize you don't want to go anymore...

54When you’re pretty sure your kids are making things up again, so you’re like... I'm gonna look that up

55That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind... FRY HOLDER THAT FITS IN YOUR CAR'S CUPHOLDERS WITH KETCHUP CUP

56That moment when you have to hold back the urge to push him in...

57When you see your favourite cousin at a family party


59The awkward moment when you accidentally put two different shoes on and now you know there are going to be memes about it.

60Kevin: Excuse me, where’s the lobby?” Donald Trump: I don’t know kid, but here is some classified information about ISIS.

61People: My kids only eat organic snacks Me: Cool. My kids eat Doritos off the floor. -M

62Mothers be like... ...So it can fit you next year too...

63When you broke the office printer and someone just noticed it isn’t working, so now you have to act shocked that it’s broke...

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