Funny Pictures Of The Day – 67 Pics

1When you find a secret bar, and the bouncer asks for the password

2The best part about going to a Taylor Swift concert with your girlfriend...

3I should not have poured win in my cereal this morning.

4All in all... ...You're just another truck in the wall

5Sadly, human bowling is discouraged on the escalators...

6Doctor: Take this medicine on an empty stomach 3 times a day. Me: I haven't had an empty stomach since 2001 buddy.

7Warning: Cyclists may be raptured without notice

85:00: oh boy Chinese food 5:05: I ate way too much Chinese food 5:10: oh boy leftover Chinese food

9If the entertainment is running late saran wrap your party guests to keep them fresh

10Got my test back today, not sure how i got this one right...

11That moment when having children starts to pay off

12College kids opening the door for the pizza delivery guy...


14I tucked my kids in last night and said, "See you in the morning!" And then we laughed and laughed. Saw them 16 more times before sunrise.

15What I see when my wife says, “Fine, go ahead.”

16When you decide to take a photo of the ladies waiting to use the bathroom.

17...and Grandma, guess what? They wouldn't let me in the kitchen!

18Social Media at 3 a.m.

19When you gel home drunk and you remember you still have leftovers!

20Where's there's a will there's a way

21Running out of wine... ... Is my cardio.

22How we played "online" before the internet

23Is this the Dwight Schrute collection?

24"Talk dirty to me" The carpet needs vacuuming.

25My daughter snuck up behind me and nearly gave me a heart attack

26Pick up the nearest book to you, turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life. It appears my love life is worse than I thought.

27You is broke. You is tired. You is a parent.

28When my kids act up in public, i like to yell "wait until i tell your mother!" and pretend they're not mine.

29Me trying to explain my week to my psychiatrist "I've eaten nine pieces of cake and i still feel empty"

30How i deal with upset friends... Want a pizza?

31When I work out 3 days in a row

32Sometimes as motivation I reward myself before I accomplish something. It's called a preward, and it 100% does not work.

33...Yup Looks like rain I'm gonna poop in the house today

34Me when I leave work... Worst eight hours of my life.

35Drunk my decided to make pizza fries... ... I ain't even mad.

36You can get this apartment for $3,000 a month in New York

37Waking up for work every morning... Alarm clock Me

38My Schnauzer doesn't like dealing with hardwood floors. So. she spends a lot of time on her bath mat "islands" looking like a pissed off old man. Get some carpet hoomans.

39I feel sorry for people who don't have dogs. I hear they have to pick up their own food if they drop it on the floor

40It doesn't matter if your man is young or old, big or small. When you take him shopping, the result is always the same...

41When you and your girlfriend are arguing, and she starts digging in the kitchen drawers.

42I never know what to say when people ask what my hobbies are. I MEAN, I'M A MOM. I enjoy trips to the bathroom alone and silence.

43There is nothing on these cards to destroy humanity...

44Well there's your problem...

45My brain said "crunches" but my stomach auto-corrected it to "cupcakes"

46Funny, Memes, Pictures: z-funny-pictures-3-2

47Probably the hottest thing about me is that when I make Mac & Cheese I don't need to look at the box because I have the directions memorized

48Husband whispers - “would you like some coffee?” Me: First of all, stop yelling! Of course I want coffee.

49When it’s Friday and you have to round up your people for a night of drinking...

50When my wife says she wants to have another kid, I’m like... I can't, not again

51Talk to me Goose Hello? Yes, This is Goose

52Raise ur hand if you told yourself that this would be the year you get in great shape for the summer but it's May and now ur starting to panic

53Is anyone really confident with how they say "Worcestershire sauce"

54Worst cup holder ever!

55Me everyday when I get home from work I've had a very long , hard day.

56Kids after graduating from high school are like... "I'm an adult now."

57Being an adult is 90% worrying about money and 10% spending money you don't have on treats because you've worried a lot this week.

58What I imagine it’s like in an expensive private school.

59Me trying to get to the kitchen when my parents had friends over...

60This would be me as a Mom when my daughter is older... Can we drink now? honey's it's lunch time Oh... That's a YES!

61Me: Did you bring it? Dog Dealer: Of course.


63It may not look like a good hiding spot, but no joke, i walked past her 5 times before hearing her giggling...

64Me when my ex texts me out of the blue, with a “hey, wanna hang out?”

65Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth. Then it comes a soap opera.

66I turn into a mob boss when I see a spider...  "I want him dead." "I want his family dead." I want his house burnt to the ground."

67I really need to start thinking about getting ready for summer...

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