Memes When The Wifi Is Down And Your Life Has No Meaning – 30 Pics

When the wifi is down and you can’t Instagram your Starbucks.

31I don't know who you are or what you want just give me my internet, back

32University's wifi is down returns home

33When the wifi isn't working

34Luke all of the wifi is gone on your planet

35I have good wifi reception! ...Aaaaaand it's gone

36Scariest Halloween pumpkin ever the wifi is down

37When the wifi is trash and you have to turn it off and use your data

38When you procrastinate doing homework and the day it's due, your wifi is down

39Spoke to my parents after the wi-fi went down they seem like nice people

40When the wifi goes out and your looking for things to do

41When your wifi stops working for 20 minutes and you start to wonder how you're gonna move on with your life

42when your wifi is out and you gotta go to mcdonalds to see new garlic bread memes

43No wifi here

44Our wifi is temporarily down fase, it was never running fully

45When you need to do your modules but the wifi is down

46When wifi is down and all you have is imagination

47wifi is down shoot me now

48"Dressed up as first world's biggest fears"

49When your internet goes out and you are forced to get to know your surroundings

50Her antenna hairstyle is the only reason his wifi is still working underground

51When your homie says he doesn't have wifi

52Getting half way thru the contouring tutorial and the wifi goes out

53when the wifi is down & u fix the cable and it's back

54When the wifi is down and you try to make sense of how you even existed before it was installed

55when the wifi doesn't work so you get out of your room to see what's wrong with it

56I'm getting new internet service and my wifi is out so it looks like I'm jackin off to these ceiling titties tonight

57As I complain bitterly about our wifi not working I eventually realise I’ve been turning an air freshener on & off.

58Me when the wifi is down

59When you're 10 mins into Netflix and chill and the wifi goes out

60When the wifi is down

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