17 Fast Food Chain Restaurant Workers Warn About Dishes To Avoid

Some of these fast food restaurants are straight up nasty.

French fries, Hamburger, Steak frites, Roasting, Potato, Onion ring, Chicken nugget, Buffalo wing: [-] juansssss 479 points 8 hours ago Outback steakhouse: don't get french fries or youll be sharing them with every and any server that could get their bare hands on them while your foods being plated.

Soft drink, Wine, Liqueur, India, Lahore, 2016 Uri attack, Government of India, Motor Dolly, LLC, Drink, Bottle: diel - PM ME UR BUTT GUYS436 points 6 hours ago Soda is the big one. Not only is it incredibly unhealthy (duh), every single place I worked had mold in their soda gun or machine. I cleaned them, of course, but there's only one of me and a few million restaurants.

Lemon, Tea, Tangelo, Citrus junos, Grapefruit, Bitter orange, Sweet Lemon, Citron: (-] Kayanota 32 points 2 hours ago The Wedge Salad At any restaurant. All it is, is unwashed lettuce with stuff on top. That and never get lemon in your water. permalink source embed save save-RES report give gold reply hid child comments t-spiralingViolence why should I never get lemon in my water? permalink source embed save save-RES parent report give gold reply hide child comments δΈͺ 10 points 2 hours ago [-) jcrockerman 11 points 2 hours ago Those garnishes sit all day in a little Co Rainer with fruit flies hovering all over them and people's grubby hands reaching into the container.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, Fried chicken, Karaage, Chicken nugget, Fritter, Junk food, Fast food, Pakora, Dish, Food: -1 physlizze8 points an hour ago Buffalo wild wings. If your wings don't take at least 10 min to come to your table, you're getting old crusty wings, we were supposed to cook a minimum amount each time, and they could only sit so long, and then we got our asses chewed for high waste. So we stopped wasting old wings and served nasty crusty wings. This is especially bad between 12:45 and 4:30. Once it hits dinner rush it usually isnt a problem. But happy hour was always a problem.

Plastic: -1 Icymountain 514 points 9 hours ago Worked at Max Brenner. Some cold drinks come with a metal straw that is impossible to clean inside of, so there's loads of old chocolate and other drink gunlk stuck inside. Either avoid those or request for a plastic straw.

Fast food, Food, Waiter: stealthyelfy 263 points 2 hours ago Used to work at McDonald's. Honestly, the food safety standards are high there but it depends on the store. I was lucky enough to work at a well-maintained store. If anything was to be avoided, I'd say any products that don't sell that well e.g. Fillet-O-Fish, just because the product sits there waiting to be used. If you're unsure, just ask for the food to be fresh and they'll cook it for you

Breakfast, Junk food, Food, Dish, Baking, Dairy product: [-] PaulMcGannsShoes 135 points 2 hours ago This should be a no-brainer, but don't bother with the 'paninis' at Starbucks. They're like $7-$8 and way too much bread. Reddit already knows this too but: those sugary drinks have WAY MORE SUGAR than you think they do, and people typically ask us to add more. I've had three regular customers in the last year change their normal order becuase they have diabetes now

Vegetarian cuisine, Junk food, Food, Fruit: - Off tune23 points an hour ageo The fresh market. Do not get the olives from the olive bar. Studio Movie Grill. Everything, pretty much. So little care goes into cleaning the dishes. I once saw a plate with hard cheese on it after being washed. I was told it didn't matter because more cheese would be poured on top and they wouldn't notice. Yeah.

Chick-fil-A, Fast food, Chick-fil-A, Hamburger: [-] covfefelajefe 119 points an hour ago I asked two friends who work at Chick-fil-A if there was anything to avoid their response was "no, not unless you're counting calories if that's the case, avoid everything"

Panera Bread, New York City: Panera [-] Bad Hombre27 22 points 2 hours ago I worked at Panera Bread. The soups and Mac all come frozen in plastic bags that they heat up in a trough of hot water in the back. The lettuce was two weeks expired sitting in the cooler. The green tea machine was also moldy when I cleaned it one shift. But hey, the bread is fresh from the night before and whatever bakery is leftover at the end of shift is donated to charity so that's nice. A D

Toaster, Toast, 20th century: [-] Paradise5551 8 points 2 hours ago Denny's. If you are Celiac do not eat the gluten free English Muffins.They use the same toaster for the normal gluten stuff.

Tim Hortons, Canada, Coffee, Tim Hortons, Cafe: Tim Hotous [- CloudsOverOrion 156 points 4 hours ago Tim Hortons Overpriced frozen soups and chili. ALL baked goods are premade and frozen then shipped and thawed in ovens at the store. The muffins with goo in them come prefilled. The lettuce comes vac packed in boxes and is half brown most of the time. The grilled chicken strips just look like they shouldn't exist in a normal world. DRIVE TH

French fries, Hamburger, Bluewater, White Oaks Mall, Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, Five Guys, Cheeseburger: [-] dax812 903 points 7 hours ago At Five Guys we cook bacon on the same gril we make the "vegetarian" sandwiches on.

TGI Friday's: [+] atleast6people 249 points 9 hours ago I used to work for TGI fridays. Avoid everything. It's literally all frozen heated up food. Real gross to see. The fries even come precooked and need to be reheated up.

Ramen, Broth, Canh chua, Vegetarian cuisine, Recipe: [-] carij 115 points 6 hours ago Just most soups at fast food/ chain restaurants are not made in house or fresh ever. They come from a bag and are heated up in metals vats in hot water and are flash cooled at night to be used again tomorrow. Unless you know for sure that they ran out of soup the night before trust me you're getting yesterday's leftovers before any new soup will be heated up

Gelato, Bakery, Fast food, Baking, Dish, Restaurant: - brandnamenerd 26 points 2 hours ago I worked at a Barnes & Noble for a bit with a cafe The sandwiches are cooked there for you, but they're pre-packaged. I'm sure many here can see the logic in that while using general observation skills, but the number of people making requests (can I have this cheese, no pesto, etc) was ridiculous. We can't change the kind of cheese? It's all sent to us frozen. S78

Waffle, Breakfast sandwich, Recipe, Breakfast, Flavor: -] NosDarkly147 points 9 hours ago Dunkin' Donuts-Breakfast sandwiches use frozen egg disks, and meat and cheeses processed beyond recognition, much lower quality than you would find in a grocery store. And then they're overpriced. Get the bakery items and coffee drinks, sure, but anyone who buys the sandwiches is a fucking idiot.