29 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Sink, Bathroom, Tap Meme: Let me show you the worst bathroom sink to clean toothpaste out of...

California, California Proposition 47, Celebrity, Theft, Crime, Possession of stolen goods, Fraud, Felony Meme: Me showing up to work Monday morning after my team wins the Superbowl. 貍

Seafield Pharmacy, Seafield Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Medical prescription, Location, NHS Electronic Prescription Service, Health, Clinic, Smoking cessation, Physician Meme: Me texting my boss every morning.. Today 1:25 PM will likely be a little late because of who i am as a person Read 1:25 PM


Pug, Puppy Meme: What I really want for Valentine's day...

Meme, Day, Indiana Jones, Morning, Night Meme: When I said I wasn't going to drink this Superbowl weekend, but during halftime of the game my liver was like YOU LIAR

Chrissy Teigen, 72nd Golden Globe Awards, GIF, Gfycat, Giphy, Tobias Eaton Meme: When you're talking to a good looking guy, but you immediately realize he's skated by on looks and never developed a personality @pettydrunkbitch

Image, Photography, Album, Photograph Meme: Sara @saradesdinn women don't cut their hair and eat ice cream when they're sad anymore. we pierce our titties, buy a new wardrobe, work out, and ruin men's lives

Whiskers, Cat, Turtle, Meme, Kitten, Imgur, Image Meme: Eating all the Doa's food got me like bco

Goat, Image, 9GAG, Meme, Joke, Humour Meme: Me when I get home from work and find out someone ate the food I was thinking about all day...

Horse, Hollywood, Prancercise, Prancercise LLC, Walking, Physical exercise, Horse gait Meme: When I have my headphones in and I can't hear my kids saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom..."

Rat, Cuteness, Fancy rat, Mouse, Puppy Meme: When you get back from a date with your crush and your best friend is like.. OMG

Meme, Taken: The Spaniard's Virgin, Mother, Love, Image, Family Meme: Me when I see a stray dog Well, I'm going to be his mother now.

Friendship, Meme, Image, Best friends forever Meme: When I found out my best friend's boyfriend cheater on her, I was like.. WANt Me To KilL Then!

Meme, Humour, Image Meme: When it's your day off and you planned on doing a lot of things around the house, but at the end of the day you're still just like...

Cards Against Humanity, Playing card, Game Meme: Meme News Network cef all your da n as @Americadoingt stores/dank-laborator So I was playing Cards Against Humanity last night. In a world ravaged by our only solace is The cool, refreshing The violation of ourast most basic human rights. of Pepsi.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda Hobbes, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Sex and the City, Mr. Big Meme: Me when someone asks me how I manage to keep my sanity... drink coffee, have sex, buy pies and enjoy battery operated devices.

Meme, Sadness, Image, Love, 9GAG, Friendship, Welcome to Night Vale Meme: Nutritional labels should include a "What if ate the whole damn thing" section.

Humour, Name, Image, Photograph Meme: Sometimes I wonder if people have ever thought about changing their name... Tokyo Sexwale Ex-Robben Island Prisoner

Sharpay Evans, High School Musical, Troy Bolton, Zac Efron, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, High School Musical, Hairspray, Singer Meme: Me at karaoke night vs. me in the shower. IDONT SING

Molson XXX, Champagne, Beer, Wine, Sparkling wine, Alcoholic drink, Alcohol dependence syndrome, Unemployment, College, Demotywatory.pl Meme: University is great because you're effectively an unemployed alcoholic but your parents are really proud of you

Chihuahua, Pug, Siberian Husky, Cat, BIOS, Pet, Animal Meme: When my husband comes home from being out all day and I have to pretend that I haven't just watched 12 straight hours of netflix without moving.

Meme, Saying, Image, Commuting Meme: On my way to work like

The Princess Bride, Meme, Hatred, Learning, Imgur, Love Meme: Me walking into work each morning... LET'S SEE, WHERE WERE WE? IN THE PIT OF DESPAIR

Steve Carell, The Office, Michael Scott, Television show, Office Meme: When my wife reminds me l'm on a diet, I'm like... softly] Don't.

Yosemite Falls, Horsetail Fall, El Capitan, Logan Pass, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Yosemite Valley, Waterfall, National park Meme: The awkward moment when your 4 year old asks if God is peeing on that mountain.

Car, Automotive navigation system, Humour, Image, Internet meme, Vehicle audio, Meme, Radio Meme: Even my car doesn't like going to my job early in the morning. MAP AUDIO SOURCE Cr-Ap ahead ciovis Portales 70 60 劻 VEN LIMIT 65 Driving Elevation ACS 4430

Face, Disappointment, Image, Facial expression Meme: Me when my kids are sick and I hear my husband start coughing.

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