31 Funny Memes And Pictures Of The Day

Shrek, Princess Fiona, Sandor Clegane, Shrek: Who wore lit better?

Humour: Fashion Update: Pirates are in

Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones, Jon Snow, Maisie Williams, Rapid transit, Arya Stark, Robb Stark, Ramsay Bolton: Train of Thrones

Billy Idol, 1980s: If's a nice day för light breading

Image, Screenshot: The QI Elves @qikipedia Julie Amiri could only reach orgasm by being arrested. She was detained 53 times for shoplifting from 1985 to 1993 but was never convicted 19/8/17, 1:45 am 106 Retweets 285 Likes 10 Brian Gallagher @ShortOrderPoet 7h v Replying to @qikipedia Sounds like she got off every time t34 Darbo @DazMcQ 6h Well played.

Chris Evans, The Perfect Score, Paramount Pictures, The Avengers, Film, Scarlett Johansson, Student, SAT, Francesca Curtis: ONE OF THE MOST COMFORTING THINGSYOU CAN HEAR FROM YOUR CLASSMATE IS "HAVENT STARTED YET EITHER"

Sign language, Meme: diego @shadsof666 to my blind followers 8m maaaa @iconicduck 7m How are they suppose to read this? sa わ! jack @kysbaker Replying to @iconicduck and @shadesof666 it's sign language. are you dumb?

Meme, Employment, Humour, Job: Weall know someone at workthat makes us wonder.. how did they everget hiredand owthe hell dothey still have this Job?

Diet, Hurricane Irma: The diet industry: Eat 1000-1200 calories Me: Soo is that breakfast o..

Skill, Business: Sometimes I get the feeling my banker looks at my account and then starts judging me based on how many trips to taco bell I make..
Young businessman working in bright office, sitting at desk with laptop. Expression of emotions.

Recreational vehicle, Caravan, Mercedes-Benz, Van, Car, Compact van: "HIS PROFILE SAID HE DROVE A MERCEDES AND OWNED HIS OWN HOME

Eye, Googly eyes, Internet meme: My coworker keeps on placing his foot under our divider, so I added some googly eyes. lol

Child, Voluntary childlessness: 의 RobFee Follow Grobfee Before having a kid the most important thing to ask yourself is "Am I ready to watch the exact same cartoon on repeat for the next 4 years?" RETWEETS LINE 1,198 2,355 圔閉匙aiii迥國고■


Spore, Earth, Photo caption: Iwas watching Football when my wife paused it and said, "that reminds me, dont forget to mow the lawn todav." So thanks for that Mills. FL Football 2:30p G 2:34p II REDSKINS 17 4TH 11:54 :18

Twin, Image, Girl in Translation, Text: If I had a twin that was 5 mins younger than me I would always say "when l was your age" and proceed to tell them what I did 5 mins ago

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Humour: Me listening to my kid's playlist...

Italy, Tree, Meme, Italian cuisine: rees in Italy are like

Sphynx cat, T-shirt, Kitten, Humour, Whiskers: 心WITH You need help, Nancy Seriously, this isn't funny anymore

Smile, Meme: Me at work on any given day, trying not to lose my shit

Overwatch, Parks and Recreation, Mental disorder, History of mental disorders: Do you have any history of mental illness in your family? My mother doesn't like garlic bread

Image, Paper: have d dream for sna H I don't think this kid quite grasped the point of this project. But nevertheless, A+.

Cat, Floor, Wood flooring, Image, Meme: y cat figured out the water cooler butto

Pug, Puppy, Coffee, Dog breed, Cuteness: When they spell your name right at Starbucks

Siberian Husky, Miniature Siberian Husky, Sakhalin Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Klee Kai, Puppy: I hate it when I come home and my dogs are arguing. Because I missed the beginning of the argument and l'm not sure whose side I'm on.

Chihuahua, Puppy, Internet meme, Dog breed, Smile: When you finally get to take your bra off after a long day

Cleveland Cavaliers: When my boss didn't notice me showing up late today...

Labrador Retriever, Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Slovak Cuvac, Kuvasz, Golden Retriever, Akbash dog, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Pug, Puppy: Me coming home from the grocery store like

The Descent from the Cross, Museo Nacional Del Prado, Renaissance: When summers over and you realize all you did was eat sleep drink and watch Netflix

420, Smoking, Cannabis, Weed, Lettuce: When my parents caught me Smoking pot in high school, they were like... WEED B GON WEED CONTROL

Image, Mammal, Twitter, Facebook, Illustration, Humour: When your boss tells you to stop coming by his office everyday asking for a raise, but 5 minutes later, you're like..

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