31 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Battalion Wars, Wii Fit, Wii, Meme, IKEA Heights, IKEA: We re happy to announce, that we will continue to add extra parts to everything we sell ust to mess with you. KEA

Tina Belcher, T-I-N-A, Voice Actor, Television show, Actor, Comedian, FOX, Television, Animated series: FUNERAL BOB'S BURGERS ID "I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else."

Paper, August 31, 2017, AsaFoBMP: Me thinking as I sit and binge watch House Hunters. me at age 10: why do adults like HGTV me 10 years later: tile floors? with THOSE cabinets?? ugh, you're killing me, deborah!!!

Sometimes I find a random screw lying around my house and I just assume it's from my life falling apart.

Meme, Internet meme, Image: front row of a movie When vou're sitting in the theater and you have to look straight up like

Meme, Internet meme: The awkward moment when the heart shaped cutting board you're making, isn't turning out the way you thought it would...

United States, Meme, Internet meme, Image: This photo of Stevie Wonder looking through the view finder to take a picture, makes more sense than all the other crazy things happening in the world right now

Meme, Image, Internet meme, YouTube, Humour: Who says vegan food has to be boring 0 OO0

Fashion, Meme: Sharon *giggles* "Nice socks, Jim." Jim: It's called fashion, Sharon. Look it up. TH

Peanut, M&M's: PLANT PEAN A little somethingl found on Pinterest Never pay for peanut M&Ms again

Image, Drawing: magine trying to open thisdoor when you're drunk

Logan Paul, Family Guy, Reddit: Big corporations never tell the truth Look at the Kleenex industry QUARTER CHART lguess a lot of people are sneezing out there QUARTER CHART Our research shows QUARTER CHART the primary use of our product is sperm QUARTER CHART What? QUARTER CHART The second biggest use is women crving about nonsense QUARTER CHART But I thought sneezing was QUARTER CHART Jerry, Jerry it's sperm and nonsense

Screenshot, Atmosphere, Sky, Font, Organism, MIUI, Presentation, Area: kelsey crist @kelseycrist Me reading The Hunger Games in 2008: wow what a crazy, unrealistic story 2018: children are going to the capital to fight for their right to not be murdered by each other and a creepy looking TV star is there pretending like nothing is wrong

Hollywood, Image: The awkward moment when you walk in on Eminem enjoying his Mom's speghett

Hashtag, Internet meme: When you let a silent fart go and you're waiting for it to hit other people

Hashtag: Tristin Hopper @TristinHopper 1d Until proven otherwise, I am declaring myself the creator of the largest Rice Krispie square in Canada. 9332 ta 2 618 14 4T

Meme, Humour, Internet meme: When you're dating someone, but neither of you wants to catch the feelings..

Swap, Facebook, Face Swap: If aliens ever come to Earth and ask us to share our technology, I'm pretty sure they're going to blow up our planet.

Human behavior, Photo caption, Video, Mind games, Technology, Girl, Microsoft Windows: The awkward moment when you ask your kid why he's nose deep in the mannequins bottom and he replies with, "I think she farted."

Image, Meme, Internet meme: Pretty sure this is what happens when you feed your cat people food.

YouTube, Meme, Internet meme: When you need that motivation to get out of bed in the morning 7:00AM 7:14 AM 7:23AM 7:38 AM O You is kind You is smart. You is important. O You is gonna be late.

Photograph, Meme, Photography: O.k. well, that's just about enough internet for today

Meme: Ramzy Nasrallah @ramzy 9-year old: Dad smell this. You licked a puss. Me: [mutes TV] what 9-year old: it's so good. Smell it. You licked a puss. Me: 9-year old: [hands me a candle jar] Me. It's *eucalyptus*

Stormtrooper, Internet meme, Meme, Image: James Breakwell @xplodingUnicorn I'm never more nervous than when I insist we're out of something and my wife goes to look for it herself

Meme, Humour, Image, Internet meme: Me after spending the day with my bestie... We've bonded through sin

Great Dane, Siberian Husky, Jack Russell Terrier, Puppy, Image, Dog breed: Dog nearly dies eating chocolate Easter egg, says PDSA Is it just me, or is that dog looking at that egg like he didn't learn his lesson the first time?

Winnie the Pooh, GIF, Animation: My attitude always goes away when I'm about to eat HU

Meme, Internet meme, Image: Me waiting for all the things l ordered online...

Meme, Breakup, Internet meme: When your girl breaks up with you and you're in a dark place HOES 4 COMFORT

Bill Clinton, White House, Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, Cat, Dog, Pet, Socks, President of the United States: I'm pretty sure this is how the internet got it's start

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Sean Gallagher @seangallagher96 I've been alive 20 years and still haven't found the right thing to say when somebody knocks on the door of the public bathroom you're in