32 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet, Georgiana Darcy, Darcy's Temptation: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Regina Jeffers, Darcy's Passions: Pride and Prejudice Retold Through His Eyes, Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, Darcy's Temptation: A Sequel to the Fitzwilliam Darcy Story Meme: Yo girl, on a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight? North Korea

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Musée du Louvre, Museo Nacional Del Prado, Museum, Snapchat, Art museum, Art, Work of art Meme: Monday mornings got me like

Car, Driver's license, Driving, Back-seat driver, Humour Meme: Just So you know uhomas, l renewed my backseat driver's license

Do You Know Da Wae, Internet meme, Meme, LOL Meme: Today this old man came into my work asking me if could help him activate this phone he found..

Jael, Book of Judges, Bible, Hebrew Bible, Books of Samuel, Battle of Mount Tabor, Kenite, Jabin, Twelve Tribes of Israel Meme: When you ask him if you look fat in your dress and he replies with, "don't blame the dress." "don't blame my hammer for your headache.

iCarly, Spencer Shay, Jerry Trainor, Gibby, Stupidity, Image Meme: me deleting a tweet because of a typo and tweeting it again but with a different typo this time Imaybe an idiot.. .but m notstupid

Kit Harington, Internet meme, Game of Thrones, Meme, Humour, Image, Joke, 9GAG, Smile Meme: You know what they say about drinking alone? That there's twicé as much to drink?

Thin Mints, Meme, Humour, Girl Scouts Samoas Cookies, Food, Girl Scout Cookies Meme: Ate a box of THIN MINTS, didn't get thinner. I don't think they work.

Ice cream, Cream, McDonald's, Icing, French fries, Ice cream maker, Meme Meme: Ugly @Ugly666 how broke are you???? Lord @HeyLord1r l owe myself money

Picdump, Morning, Pickup truck, .com Meme: Nomatter whatIleverdoin this life will never be this cool TOYOTA T100

Berkeley, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., LeanData, Meteor F.3 Meme: My husband when ever any of his guy friends ask what it's really like to have kids.. YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Dog, Humour, Image, Joke, Laughter Meme: What it's like when you sneeze and 3 people say, "Bless You.

Crying, University, College Meme: There's a designated crying area in my university's testing center. ignated Crying area Please limit episode to 15 minutes

Budweiser, Lager, Beer, Australia, Corona, Baggage, Check-in, Suitcase, Airline, Beverage can Meme: Dude Checks His One Single Can Of Beer After Airline Won't Let Him Fly With It Not all heroes wear capes

Chocolate brownie, Image, Humour, Comedy, Internet meme Meme: My roommate might be Satan一


Heather Dubrow, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Orange County, GIF, Gfycat, Giphy, Animation Meme: True story... I make the "ierk off motion a little too often for someone who doesn't even have a penis

Humour, Image, Internet meme, Laughter, Meme Meme: An actual photo of me on my way to work when someone is riding my butt.

Pillow, Humour, Marriage, Family, Husband, Romance, Joke, Intimate relationship Meme: This is what happens when you ask your husband to put pillow cases on the pillows

Veganism, Vegetarian cuisine, Allergy, Tick, Vegetarianism, Meat, Alpha-gal allergy Meme: A tick that makes you allergic to meat is spreading. A single bite can reprogram your immune system goo.gl/e16gxX The vegans have launched their first attack

Kermit the Frog, Avocado, Guacamole, Meme, Internet meme, Humour Meme: Slightly off topic, but I refer to avocados as "shrekticles" cuz... ya know... Look at it Noooo00000 l can't ever unsee that

Betty Draper, Mad Men, Don Draper, Sally Draper, Peggy Olson, Kiernan Shipka, Lane Pryce, Roger Sterling, GIF, Television show Meme: Kid: "spits out caviar Mom: Hey young lady. We don't spit. If its in your mouth you swallow it! Dad: *looks at Mom Mom: Shut up Frank!

Coffee, The Far Side Gallery, Hot chocolate, Internet meme, Morning, Humour, Meme, Image Meme: THE ONLY THING I KNOW FOR SURE ABOUT TODAY IS COFFEE EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST WILD SPECULATION

Waiting..., The Far Side Gallery, Monty's Mom, Image, Humour, Television, YouTube, 720p, The Far Side Meme: No sweetie. Life is what happens when you're waiting for your kids to find their damn shoes 0

Dog, Man's best friend, Dog Man, Friendship, Veterinarian Meme: You need to stop complaining about your life There are literally people out there who are allergic to dogs.

The Chap, Well Done Europe, Phonograph record, Album, Lo Recordings, Delphic, Black Devil Disco Club, We Are Nobody, Reissue, Even Your Friend Meme: Gas station nachos got me like...

Megan Mullally, Will & Grace, Karen Walker, Star Trek, Humour, Television, Television show Meme: I THOUGHT TWO BOTTLES PER PERSON、 WOULD BE ENOUGH MAYBE IF WE WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL

Sleep, Snoring, Rapid eye movement sleep, Image, Sleeping positions, Mouth breathing Meme: elan gale theyearofelan Follow You know you're getting old when all of your injuries are a result of "sleeping weird"

First date, Interpersonal relationship, Internet meme, Dating, Meme, Image, Love Meme: Me eating on a first date vs. me eating in a long term relationship.

How to do nothing with nobody, all alone by yourself, Image, Translations from the English, Internet meme, Laughter, Meme, 9GAG, Joke Meme: I've never related more with a book in my life. How to Do Nothin with Nobod All Alone by Yourself ROBERT PAUL SMITH Mastrations by Elier Goulding Smitk

Image, Lyrics, Hip hop music, Song, Music, Humour Meme: If an old dude ever gives you advice while peeling an apple with a pocket knife you should probably listen.

Image, Practical joke, Humour, Photography, Joke Meme: My husband went arocery shopping and now I have a fruit basket full of cupcakes.

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