32 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Meme, Day, Humour, Image Meme: Looks like I'm not the only one who had a long ass day... Spota

Internet meme, Humour, Pregnancy, Joke Meme: Everyone's out there getting pregnant and l'm here like

Submarine sandwich, Subway, Meme, Domino's Pizza, Food, Imgur, Sandwich Meme: Who says romance is dead? SUBWAY SATISFY YOUR VALENTINE WITH A FOOTLONG

Meme, Riddle, Tagged, Imgur Meme: I have a riddle: If you're going down a river at 2 MPH and your canoe loses a wheel, how much pancake mix would you need to re-shingle your roof? "I'm going to go with, What is Donald Trump's State Of The Union Address, Alex."

Humour, Meme, Imgur, Image, Photograph, Happiness, tbh, Love Meme: James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorm Follow I'm glad we own 10,000 stuffed animals so my toddler can fall asleep cuddling with a jar of peanuts

Milkshake, Ice cream, Smoothie, Milk, Oreo, Drink, Ingredient, Dessert Meme: 0 bought a blender to healthy smoothies make ... The first thing l made was an oreo milkshake.

Pizza, Pizza Pizza Meme: When Italians get sick...

Humour, Album, Joke, Image Meme: A whoopee cushion filled with gravy adds a hilarious new dimension to a rather tiresome practical joke

Image, Humour, Copying Meme: I nearly FebruaryAtheCamels,al「comea shore to ley theireggs. You can tell they re ready by e egg pouches on their backs Life is amazing!

Cake, Maternal insult, Cake Wrecks, Sweetness Meme: My Dad gives me this cake every year on my birthday...

Bone, Food, Humour, Human tooth, Cinnamon roll, Dish, Laughter, Cooking Meme: Zesty aged cheddar halapiño soup and toasted bread rolls with a fresh yellow mustard spritz. Me after watching a few shows on the Food Network...

Disaster, Meme, Humour, Imgur Meme: Me after having kids... gradually becomes a disaster

Instiz, ㅐ Meme: The awkward moment when you thought this pack of cookies had somehow trapped a cute little doggy in their package.

Headache, Therapy, Meme, Disease, Meal, New daily persistent headache, Pain, Social anxiety disorder, Sleep, Migraine Meme: cassie @CassWilliams15 me: wow i wonder why i have such a bad headache??? my body: you haven't had plain water in over 36 hours, your sleep schedule is nonexistent, you barely eat a meal a day me: "sipping my iced coffee* interesting

Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Friends, Ifunny, Friendship, Image, Humour Meme: Me every time | try to tell a story... Do you remember the time hahahahaha! HA! Hahahahahaha! you don'tremember?

GIF, Giphy, Gfycat, Animation Meme: My husband when I ask him to cook something

Fashion, Meme, Dress, Mother Meme: "Mommy will think about it." Narrator: Mommy never did think about it. She knew it was a "No" all along and just wanted everyone to stfu f1

Dog, Knife, Puppy, Meme Meme: My dog when he sniffs my leg and smells my neighbor's dog

Waste, Humour, Image, Waste container, Sign Meme: MISSED ME JUST Lt U STUD AKE ME Message for my trash man


Image, Copying, Day, Morning, Afternoon Meme: What it's like shopping in Canada... ALWAYS FRESH we're sorry 499 $299

Meme, Humour, Tagged, Imgur, Mood Meme: Me acting like I love my job It's showtime.

9GAG, Internet meme, Meme Meme: What it feels like to sitin the front row at the movies

Dog, Car, Meme, Image, Illustration, Road trip, Idea Meme: In case you're having a bad day, here, look at this

Golden Retriever, My Life in Dog Years, Pet, Cat, Meme, Golden Retrievers Are the Best! Meme: (Doggy In A Chat Room) Lady: So what do you want to do on a first date? Doggy: Wanna play catch? Lady: What? Doggy: CATCH.

Cookie, Eating, Recipe, Food, Meme, Life Meme: FUN FACT If you eat cookies fast enough. fitbit thinks youre running

Steve McFadden, Ben Mitchell, Phil Mitchell, EastEnders, Max Branning, Paul Coker, Masood Ahmed, Bobby Beale, Walford, Abi Branning Meme: When one of your friends says something so dumb, you just look at them and think, "where the hell did we find you?"

Jean-Luc Picard, Facepalm, Mrs. Steve, Meme Meme: Me trying to hide from my boss when l hear he's looking for people to work the weekend.

Image, Internet meme, Person, Joke Meme: Krista Doyle @Krista_Doyle Me at 6am: I can't wait to accomplish all my goals today. I have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé, let's do. this. Me at 4:30pm: I have done a half a thing today, I need my bed.

Meme, Image, Humour, We Heart It, Friendship, Best friends forever Meme: "Now don't everyone look at once, but there is a really cute lady checking us out."

Humour, Meme, Parenting, Parent Meme: What it looks like when I don't do my kid's laundry for a couple of days...

Turkey, Walmart, Thanksgiving, Meme Meme: Aavash @ohmygoshaavasih So l was at Walmart earlier A lady was looking at frozen turkeys, but she couldn't find one big enough. She asked the stock boy, "do these turkeys get any bigger?" He replied with a straight face, "No ma'am, they're dead." Made my week