33 Funny Pictures Of The Day

When your Man isnt treating you right, you should let that...

Hair, Brown hair, Image, Long hair: When your boss asks if you want to work the weekend

The Goldbergs, GIF, Tenor, Giphy: When you see the new employee flipping your boss off behind his back... LIKE HER!

James Franco, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, Comedy Central Roast, This Is the End, The Interview, Roast, Humour, Film, Joke: o prepare for his role in 127 Hours he told me he spent five days with his arm inside the rock 0 Actually he goes by Dwayne Johnson' now

Bathroom, Public toilet, Toilet, Unisex public toilet, Toilet humour, Humour: EVERYBODY WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT NOBODY WANTS TO CHANGE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL

Meme, Humour, The Meme Machine, Cat, Kitten, Internet meme: WHEN U BEEN ARGUING FOR HOURS BUT U READY TO MAKE UPAND EAT

January 25, 2018: When I'm bored I like to put random notes on other people's cars

Meme, Father: HOW TO SUMMON A DAD -Make a circle out of power tools. (Screwdrivers and wrenches will do in a pinch) -Place a pair of socks inside sandals in the middle of the summoning circle Chant "Hi Hungry, I'm dad" over and over -Touch the thermostat

Finally, a bumper sticker that says what Im thinking ANY FUNCTIONING ADULT 2020

T-Pain, Meme, Internet meme, Humour: When you're buttering a piece of bread and the butter that said it was "spreadable" just ripped a huge hole in your bread. 13

Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, The Muppets, Frog, Miss Piggy, Internet meme: Do you ever dislike someone so much , but you don't really have a valid reason why? do vou mean the generall public?

Humour, Baby for President: Just got a Cheerio stuck between my toes walking through the kitchen. Clearly my dog isn't doing his part of the chores around here.

Meme, Mother: TheMotherOctopus @MotherOctopusKJ Looking for a workout buddy whose current fitness level is somewhere in the SWEATS WHEN CUTTING TOENAILS* range.

Cat, Dog: mnot surew what they did while I was gone, but the way they re acting, I know they did something

Significant other, Boyfriend, Laughter, Love, Humour, Photography: When your girl is out of town and you get to have dinner with your best friend 0 0

Ravioli, French fries, Potato chip, Barbecue, Sandwich, Food, Hot dog: This is what happens when you agree to let your kid make dinner

Humour, Joke, Image, Internet meme, Laughter: o0 Me trying to make it through a work day, like

Ice cream, Cream: Don't tell me there aren't any good men out there I just watched this guy feed his girl ice cream while she shopped for purses.

This is my favorite purchase l've gotten from Amazon ever!

Because, its the Intemet. That's why, Now keep scrolling. 0

Payphone, Mobile Phones, Telephone, Payment, G-Tel Enterprises, Inc.: ─░HOREIN EVER GO TO JAIL 1r BECAUSE IHAVEN'T MEMORIZED APHONE NUMBER SINCE 2000.

Ryan Reynolds, Male, Moustache, Man, Facial hair: When the cashier asks if you have a Walgreens card but little does she know, you have enough reward points to get 5 dollars off

Star Wars, Jar Jar Binks, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Star Wars, Internet meme: My wallet My soul My heart My girlfriend

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie Kelly, Television show, Betty Cooper, Meme: Me trying to convince my friends we should buy a very large plot of land and start a community

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Film, Harry Potter: Pretty sure if they ever made a Donald Trump movie, Draco Malfoy would be a great choice to play Trump I was born for politics have great haie and love lying

My seat just happens to be the only one with a broken screen, And thats why.lde nit play the lottery

Picdump: The awkward moment when you hand your phone to a stranger to take your photo and they do this..

April Fool's Day: Saw this in the breakroom at my work. They don't pay me enough to deal with people who do things like this.

American black bear, Bear, Polar bear, Obesity: Pretty sure one of those "Pillow Pets is in my yards

Rowan Atkinson, Top Gear, Car, McLaren F1, Rolls-Royce, Top Gear Series 17, Comedian: When you can't avoid the pothole so you just sit there and accept your fate

Meme, Internet meme, Humour: Me checking my texts after a night of heavy drinking

Mike Flanagan, Neal H. Moritz, I Know What You Did Last Summer, YouTube, Oculus, I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, Film, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions: WHAT Y MMFR

Meme, YouTube, Humour: My work has started putting these warning labels on all the machines aftera coworkerlosthis finger WARNING NEVER PUT YOUR FINGERS WHERE YOU WOULDNT PUT YOUR DICK