33 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Elizabeth II, Image, British Royal Family, Humour Meme: When vou're on a diet and God is testing you.

Image, Photograph, Humour, Internet meme, I Can Has Cheezburger? Meme: When you're driving and you see a dog in the car right next to you

Joke, Humour, Image, Reddit Meme: When ordered pizza,Il asked them to write a joke on the boxeS HOT FROM THE HUT HE HUT

Adrienne La Russa, Psychout for Murder, Film Meme: When you remember that he lied to you on April 2, 2007

Meme, Joke, Humour, Mother, Tagged, Maternal insult, Imgur, Practical joke Meme: Nick Wiger @nickwiger In middle school my friend prank called the bowling alley with the "do you have ten pound balls? Then how do you walk?" gag & the guy replied "with your mom's help. Unrecoverable

Hank Hill, Anger, Bobby Hill, Love, Idiot, Annoyance Meme: Me talking to a group of co-workers like... You guys know I don't have a problem with anger. I have a problem with idiots.

Earth, Anime, Meme, Humour, Image Meme: Pigeon Fancier @isabelzawtun Tonight at work a creepy dude asked me "what's your secret to staying so slim and perky?" responded "I'm a thousand year old witch & every morning l bathe in the blood of men I've sacrificed" & an old lady nearby laughed; pretty sure this makes us an official coven

Coffee, Photograph, Image Meme: RIP Broke my boss's mug that he had for 10 years I think I got a suitable replacement

Lana Del Rey, New York City, 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Grammy Award, Singer-songwriter Meme: Me when l hear someone ask for ketchup after ordering a steak.

Cat, Kitten, Dog, Fat Meme: When the waiter shows up with your food, but you've already eaten 8 bowls of chips and salsa...

Pottery, Potter's wheel, Ceramic, Car Meme: happens when you ask someone This Is what at the music festival to change vour tire boo

Meme, Artist, Art, Nuchal Rigidity, Image Meme: DAVID LYNCH @DAVID_LYNCH Literally all you need to be an artist. FREE art supplies & pain

Consumption of Tide Pods, Tagged, Meme, Maternal insult, Imgur Meme: Earlier my husband told our son not to get corn flakes in his eyes because then he'd have corn eyes. I chimed in with "Yeah and you know what happens when you get avocado in your eyes? You get GAUCOMA!" This is the best joke I have ever made or ever will make. #momjoke #pun


Text messaging, Web page, Telephone, Email, Message, Telephone call, Meme Meme: this is the funniest wrong number text i've ever gotten Twitter ..ooo 4:29 PM @イ66% D iMessage Today 4:28 PM Hi, Christi. It's Helen. I just wanted to let you know that if Brittney EVER pulls another stunt like that against my precious Caitlin again, you WILL be banned from the cul de-sac barbecue. Brittney's actions were despicable. Of course, she can't help what she learns from her mother. Hugs and Kisses, Helen The sender is not in your contact list. Report Junk

Emma Stone, Zombieland, Celebrity, Image, Female, Actor, Film Meme: Me when I hear my husband yell, "Hey, who drank all the wine?!"

Hamburger, Pizza, Junk food, Cheesecake, Food, Fast food, Cheese fries, Food porn, Drink, Dessert Meme: When people ask me what I'm passionate about.

Legend, Image, Facebook, Meme, A picture is worth a thousand words Meme: Happiest Day Of My Life, so far.. Just me and my doritos

Hamburger, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Heroes, Fast food, KFC, Burger King, Sonic Drive-In Meme: I have no idea what this guy is ordering, but I do know he's some sort of covert fast food s py. LE PETIT ME

1950s, Cooking, Kitchen, The Kitchen, Woman, Housewife Meme: This is what we do with our feelings and emotions sweetie, Wewhip them up into something unhealthy-and'then we eat them

Image, Handwriting, Humour, Internet meme, Idea, Meme Meme: have ae dream... that or sna (h I don't think this kid quite grasped the point of this project. But nevertheless, A+.

Imre Esterházy, Primate's Palace, Slovak National Gallery, National Museum, Kraków, Esterházy, Painting, Art, Portrait Meme: When Trump does something crazy and you pretend to be shocked

Dog, Meme, Doge Meme: Me when my wife keeps asking me what's gonna happen in a movie we are both watching for the first time

Image, Humour, Meme, Photograph, Internet meme Meme: Me when it's my husband's turn to watch our kids.

Beer, Image, Humour, Retro style, Vintage clothing, Fashion Meme: Me on the phone with Child Protective Services Hello,ves lidllike to]makea couple of(donations

Chihuahua, American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Puppy, Cuteness Meme: When you finally get to take your bra off after a long day

Junk food, Food, Health food, Eating, Health, Nutrient Meme: Me when my wife only buys fruits and veggies at the grocery store...

Steve Carell, Michael Scott, The Office, Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, Meme, Humour, Dunder Mifflin, 9GAG Meme: Me when the fire alarm goes off at work SCRANTON Yes Lwas the irst one out And, yes, I've heard women and children first. ㄩ But we do not employ children デ And women are equal in the workplace by

Airplane, Child, Humour, Laughter Meme: sup No matter what l do in life I will never be as cool as this kid

Meme, Humour, Internet meme, Joke, Flirting, Idea Meme: Floyd @dafloydsta ffirst date] HER: So do you prefer cats or dogs? ME: *scanning the menu* I don't even see them on here. What page are you on?

Airplane, Flight, Passenger, 0506147919 Meme: Open for business!

Italy, Italian cuisine, Meme, Humour, Joke, Laughter Meme: AVAL Trees in Italy are likeark

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