33 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Maria Bamford, Meme, Internet meme, Friend zone, Joke, Friendship, Humour, Comedian Meme: I'M AFRAID THAT FULFILLING MY POTENTIAL WOULD REALLY CUT INTO MY SITTING AROUND TIME

Dave Chappelle, Pittsburgh, Cannabis Meme: I don't understand why weed is stil considered criminal. when i smokeit the only thing m a threat to is cake.

kate spade new york, New York City, GIF, Airplane, Kate Spade New York Meme: When one of my friends gets back together with their ex, because "they've changed" I'm like... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

Beer, Wine, Soft drink, Alcoholic drink, Charanda, Drink Meme: WHEN YOU HAVE HAD A LONG DAY AT WORK THE FIRST FIVE BEERS DON'T COUNT.

Flirting, Smile Meme: When you were flirting with the guy at the bar and now he wants your phone number.. I didn't mean for it to go this far

Fire, Firefighter, Fuel, Pump Meme: When you tell your wife to calm down because she's acting just like her mother... Firefighters mistakenly pump jet fuel on fire instead of water ONLY ON 5

Internet meme, Internet, Meme, Humour Meme: jojo @cloutboyjojo so is macaroni and cheese "mac" because it's short for macaroni...or is it because "mac" is an acronym for acaroni and cheese

Leia Organa, Han Solo, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, Actor Meme: NO!WE CANNOT NAME OUR SON GUITAR SOLO

Tyler Durden, Quotation Meme: I love how fresh my bathroom smells after I kill a spider with a full bottle of Febreze.

Cat, Whiskers, Kitten, Playing card, Dog, Image, Funny animal, Cat play and toys, Animal Meme: Hun There is nothing on these cards to destroy humanity..

Quotation, Humour Meme: My brain said crunches" but my stomach auto-corrected it to "cupcakes

Margarita, Tequila, Distilled beverage, Stress, Alcoholic drink, GIF Meme: Me five minutes after showing up to work... I'm having a margarita because ya'll are Stressing me out

Humour, Image, Cartoon Meme: When Moms text i'm done. i'm selling my kid on ebay Delivered Don't be silly, you made him. Sell him on etsy!

Joey Tribbiani, Friends, Eating, Joey, Meme, Chandler Bing, Television show Meme: The reason my best friend is my best friend... we don't read a lot or run fast but damn it we can eat

Red Wine, Budweiser, Wine, Beer, GIF, Drink, Wine glass, Alcoholic drink, Tenor, Giphy Meme: My wine seems so lonely. I think I shoud pour her a friend

Email Meme: Just because something isn't a beer, doesn't mean you can't shotgun it.

Athens, Anti-austerity movement in Greece, 2011 England riots, Riot, Riot police, Protest, Austerity, Police, Tear gas, Violence Meme: 30170d you suck at playing.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Hippopotamus, Fiona, Infant, Zoo Meme: When you're looking at your own instagram photos to remind yourself just how cute you are

Water buffalo, Dentistry, Dentist Meme: The awkward moment when you are high on dental gas and you get visited by a friendly Water Buffalo.

Eating, Life, Meme Meme: I want to live my life like a bear Eat when I want. Sleep when I want. Kill people in the woods when I want.

Image, Motivational poster, Poster, Humour Meme: 2 14.99 Fire sold separately...

Cooking, Marriage, Meme Meme: Marrtuisomeone who Looks 00awau go buß hunger doesnG memes.con

Humour, Passive-Aggressive Notes Meme: to whomerar the idiot iS who keeps smoking pot/ Storing i n the vents PLEASE STOTAKE l rea appreciate it When m roo m smells like your bad deaisson THANKS ou Seem StresSed

Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle, Puppy, Cat, Pet Meme: When why I'm still single, I'm like.. my Mom asks me I'M NOT INTERESTED IN CARING ABOUT PEOPLE