36 Great Memes And Pics To Improve Your Mood Instantly

Funny and strange wtf pictures and memes to improve your day.

1. What if the wrong castle was the right on?

2. Scientific journals

3. Friends are like boobs you have big, small, and fake onces

4. Salesman: *Slaps Lydia* This bad boy can fit so many Dragon bones in it

5. I dropped my monster condom that i use for my magnum dong

6. The American truck driver

7. Special friend

8. A pallet made from an old coffee table

9. Phonetic alphabet international morse code

10. On verge of panic attack

11. When you come home lit af

12. Bowl food is hot new trend where you eat food out of a bowl

13. Car salesman: *slaps roof of horse*

14. When you type ‘hehe’ instead of ‘haha’

15. Tiger body paint on girl model

16. The “overbearing Persian man at the club” starter pack

17. Has anyone tried to see if chimpanzees or bonobos could be taught

18. Teacher leaves the class for 0.003 seconds

19. I don’t put a napkin on my lap when i eat

20. Should we elect more Millennials to congress?

21. Cloud shaped like a cute cat

22. Taco Bell whole crew smokes weed but can’t roll a f*cking burrito

23. Me: hey before we go in, do I look high? Me:

24. A picture of Carlton in their basement

25. When years of playing Tetris finally pays off

26. Me getting ready to ask my girl what’s wrong

27. When you say good game but your heart is full of salt

28. Who remembers Limewire?

29. Guests

30. Brazil resort to desperate measures to make sure Neymar stays on his feet

31. Playing online games all day

32. “Hey guy, can I have that early 2000’s PS2 graphics look” “Say no more fam!”

33. Any army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep

34. Geek girl Cosplay Steampunk Rogue

35. Dogs are welcome in this hotel

36. I’m Michelle Obama