Funny Pictures That prove That Cats Are Just Perfect Creatures – 17 Pics

Cats and kittens have a fairly bad reputation for being snobby and self-sufficient, but we love them nevertheless! These sassy tiny balls of fur have funny reactions and quirks. Some might think they’re challenging to read, however body language gives exact signals as to how they feel. They can sometimes be pretty clingy too! Cat owners are familiar of tender face rubbing and the best part? Cats naturally are territorial and they’ll usually find their way home to you. Filled with epic facial expressions and cute poses, here are a few pictures of cats from Tumblr that will crack you up!

1i went to take a photo of my cat and then he sneezed

2So I'm watching the first Silent Hill and noticed my cat was too here he is digging It

3So my little cousin decided to put our cats Into her dollhouse

4the highlight of my day was my teacher bringing his cat to school, and everytlme he asked the class a question his cat would meow and he would accept it as an answer

5The dad cat liked to hang out in the sink by himself AND THEN THE KITTENS FOUND HIM HE LOOKS SO ANNOYED “I DIDN’T SIGN ON FOR THIS SHIT”

6These cats look like they're in a girl gang

7I covered my cat in flowers

8so my cat turns himself into a ball whenever he’s cold & its the cutest thing ever

9new sheets to match my cat

10My cat discovered he can fit under the couch and meowed until I came to look


12i walked into my room and saw my cat nad tucked mmserf underneath my blankets and was taking a nap

13found two kitties cuddling by the sea this is more romantic than anything i’ve ever done in my life

14that is the happiest looking cat ever


16My cat's first car ride

17my cats’ reaction to seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time

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