Funny Dog Pictures That Will make You Laugh Every Single Time – 19 Pics

Pets always make the days significantly better because of their affection and little goofy gestures. Being a dog owner might be frustrating but it always feels great as soon as you come home to an enthusiastic dog waiting to greet you. Wagging tails, face licking, and bits of fur throughout the house is all part of the package. And those of us who are not pet owners can only look on at both funny and adorable videos and photos on the internet! Dogs, cats, and other pets fill our days with so much laughter and love that it always makes everything more than worth it, both offline and online. Listed below are 19 very funny pictures of dogs that will undoubtedly make your day!

Avant-Garde Art at its finest

Picture perfectDog Posing Painting

Something about this picture makes me very uncomfortableDog going for a walk on the beach

‘This isn’t the dog park?’Confused Dog next to a group of otters

Lazy dog can’t be bothered

This dog is obviously ‘pure-bread’

‘What is this creature?’

When you’re trying to hold it together

‘Enough is enough Stephanie. I need to know who’s a good boy. My patience is worn thin.’

Rising from unfathomable depths

‘We don’t buy at the door’'We don't buy at the door'

Cute future seeing eye dogSeeing Eye Dog Fail

Gotta hand it to him…

Prim, proper, and completely adorable

Picky eaters be like…

Epic photobomb

Eyebrow game strong

‘Ma’am, I’m doing everything I can’

Dog with identity crisis
'Hello fellow regular kids what's up'

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