Memes About Your Ex – 34 Pics

You realise that despite some good times, your ex for the most part is trash.
ff it looks like a dick and acts like a dick, it’s probably my ex-boyfriend.

What do you do when you miss your ex? Re-load and shoot again.

All I'm saying is I've never seen my ex and satan in the same room.

*casually texts 'why do you deny heaven' to all my exes*

When I start dating a new nigga my ex come out of nowhere like:

Some girls post so much depressing love shit that even I'm starting to miss their ex

Why would a fly land on something like this? Rats should be ashamed for falling in this trap Bears!! This is ridiculous!

It is so hot outside I almost called my ex so I could be around something shady.

Just saw my ex and her squad

Your Ex-wife. She's the answer. Uh...Things that ruined my life? Things that took half my money? Things with sharp edges?

When you start seeing similarities between your ex and your new boo and you start to realize that you a dumbass

Exes be like "remember when we used to..?" Nope. I remember when you fucked up though. Remember that?

When your ex texts you But I can't live without you Then die

Why do you hate me I was just joking but ok then. The more you know

when you're doing so much better without them but you wanna know if they're miserable without you

Looking at my ex now like

When your Ex asks you what you've been up to since the break-up...

"Found my ex's heart"

I don't understand how my ex had any time for an affair with all those overnight pottery classes she took with her personal trainer.

I love you. Skip

I feel bad for my exes, like, imagine losing me.

When he blocks your number but you still got shit to say.

^Do you still have feelings for me? Oh yes. of course. Like hatred, anger, disappointment etc

My Ex works in a pharmacy,so when- ever i want to spoil her mood I wil just go there and buy condom for no reason sometimes i go 3 times a day

You are 22 times more likely to be killed by a cow than by a shark. This is true. My ex chased me with a knife once

When your ex texts you I miss you Come back to me Where are you My apt Go to the window I'm here Jump

When you at your ex funeral and they allow you to speak your first words are "Ain't God Good"

If you line up all your ex lovers in a row you can see the flow chart of your mental illness

Wait. My Ex can fly?

When your ex say "happy 1 year anniversary" to her new guy and you broke up 8 months ago

Ex-boyfriends be like "Hey u left one of your hairs in my truck, idk if you want me to drop it off?"

When you take selfies with your ex

my ex-boyfriend's name was Adolph so now I can't think about the holocaust without getting sad

PSA: It's getting hot and close to Summer so beware of all the snakes out there. Here's some examples of what to look out for: I miss you