Crush Memes That Are Recognizable When You’re In Love

Funny crush memes that you can send to the person you have feelings for.

When you are in love with someone and he or she is your total crush then you are literally walking on clouds. Once the person you’re crushing on has stolen your heart, you don’t see any harm in that person. The beginning of a relationship is therefore the most beautiful phase of a relationship when you have just fallen in love, and the feeling of love becomes even stronger when that love is answered. If you find love letters too old-fashioned to express your feelings, then you can perhaps send one of these crush memes to the person you have feelings for. We’re sure your crush will appreciate these funny memes. Because to be honest, if you have feelings for your crush, are in love and have a great sense of humor, that is simply the best combination for a starting relationship to grow into a long-lasting relationship.

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