Hilarious Snapchats With Dogs In The Leading Role

    Pets and social media have been two hands on one belly for years. These hilarious snapchats are this time without a dog filter, but don’t be sad, because these funny dogs play in the leading role of their owners on their snapchat stories. These funny dogs snapchats are really adorable and amusing.¬†Scroll down quickly to see funny snapchats of dogs and share this cute gallery with your friends.

    Made a saddle so my bird can ride my bulldog

    This dog was following me around today and every time I turned to pet him he would look away and pretend not to notice me.

    I tried to take a cute Christmas photo holding my dog...

    I dunno, he looks pretty pissed off. i

    My dog keeps making this stupid face at me.

    Testing the water resulted in a positive lab result.

    My dog when there is food around

    What my dog so thoughtfully brought to me after rolling around in the mud at the park..

    When your blind dog begs for food

    This is how my neighbours dog gets attention

    This dog is my spirit animal

    I just want to dine in peace

    Friend's dog is getting neutered today. HE KNOWS.

    If you zoom in super dose... you can see my dog shitting in the left corner

    I'll never make it home

    I asked a local artist to do a painting of my dog.

    My buddies dog when the vacuum comes out

    You need to stop with the internet GOD DAMNIT SHIRLEY TAKE AWAY WIFI

    Friend's baby meets her first dog

    My dog was just neutered his eyes say it all

    Tried to get a good photo of my dog

    When you get buried in snow but your dog is a retriever

    My dog looks like she's a floating head

    Proving to all cats, dogs can sit on fences, too.

    My dog only chews the middle of her bones out, leaving ballsacks all over

    Long distance relationships suck

    Wife said she bought the dog a shirt. Came home to this...

    I'm gonna need u to come home

    my dog got caught in a booby trap

    Not my dogs proudest moment