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Internet meme, Meme, Seinfeld: NO SPRING FOR YOU! COME BACK1 MONTH

Taco, Mexican cuisine, Earth, Guacamole, Meme, Taco Tuesday, Image: He has a good point... STOP DESTROYING THE EARTH. .. IT'S WHERE I GET MY TACOS

Licheng District, Putian, Walmart, People of Walmart, 拱辰街道: The awkward moment when the lady across the room won't stop looking at you...

Wine, 2018-03-21, under construction icon: Apparently drunk me didn't have a cork It also turns outthat drunk me is a genius

Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained, Internet meme, Meme, Male: QUENTIN TARANTINO TENTIN QUARANTINO

Handwriting: This is what real support looks like...


Kahan Elizabeth O'Carroll Mar 11 at 4:40pm. Why did we ever leave MySpace for Facebook? We got to have music on our profiles, customized backgrounds, scene usernames, no post blocks, no algorithms, gangster spongebob profile pics. Tom gave us everything and we turned our backs on him

Italian Greyhound, Greyhound, Cat, YouTube: gets home from work When your human sooner tham you expected..


Internet meme, Meme, YouTube, Imgur, Know Your Meme: This could be us but you playing Sorry wrong number no let's talk

Cat, Kitten, Humour, Grumpy Cat, Lolcat, Meme: Your relationship on Facebook vs. Your relationship in real life.

Labrador Retriever, Image, Retriever, Afternoon: When you live in a rough neighborhood, but you're a good boy

Meme, Internet meme, Humour, Joke, Image: New Record You set a new personal record yester- day: 1 exercise minutes. Way to go! I wish my kids were this easy to please

Meme: The awkward moment when you realize you're the difficult one in the relationship.

New Zealand, Education, Higher education, Student, Educational technology, Study skills, Teacher, School, National Center on Education and the Economy: For me, Math class is like watching a foreign film without the subtitles.

Hash browns, Hash, Fried egg, Breakfast, Home fries, Potato pancake, Rösti, French fries, Potato, Recipe: wdsu @wdsu Frozen hash browns recalled because they might contain chopped up golf balls Nz2Qp4 Someone better start explaining this to me in a way that makes sense

Brush, Comb, Hairbrush, Hairdresser, Humour, Hair: FOR THOSE "SPECIAL2 DAYS AT THE SALON

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cat, Squirrel, Meme, Puppy, Pet: When you try to warn your owner the squirrels outside are plotting to kill him and he tells u to stop barking

Bichon Frise, Puppy, Cat, Image, Bark, Funny animal, Screaming: Life is short, you should tell someone you love them today. But you should scream it at them in German, because life is also confusing and scary.

Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Edward Scissorhands, Murder on the Orient Express, Film, Marvel Cinematic Universe: Robert Downey Jr 3 mins Thanks, Internet, for always providing me with things I didn't know I wanted.

Border Collie, Cat, Image, The Dog Rules, Clip art, Dog walking, Drawing, Walking: The one best friend who has to walk all the drunk friends home.

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Humour, Image, Internet meme, Meme, Laughter: The awkward moment when you go to get some breakfast after a late night at the club and you end up finding the shoe you thought you lost..

Chrissy Teigen, Brooklyn Decker, Model: When you make the mistake of telling your kid they can pick any bedtime story they want and they pick the biggest book with the least pictures, so now you're like. 30

Sometimeslllgo to the McDonald's drive:thru with my kidsljust sol can park and eat a hot meal while theyre restrained

Image, YouTube: twes EliteParkingOfAmeric email com Clearly we have different definitions of "Elite Parking

Monument: That is the biggest "cool story bro" l've ever seen in my life. 13

Sphynx cat, Kitten, Lion, Dog, Hairstyle, Black cat, Personal grooming, Mohawk hairstyle: He's not very happy with his boots with the fur, fur...

Laughter, Humour, Image, Book: James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorn Went to a parent-teacher meet- and-greet. I was the only one wearing cargo shorts. I'm the daddest dad in the whole school. 5:47 PM 09 Aug 17

Red Wine, White wine, Wine, Spritzer, GIF, Alcoholic drink, Drink, Giphy, Tenor: When my husband asks when we're going to clean the house, I'm like can you turn cleaning the house into a drinking game?

Bar Sielska kuchnia, Sielska: en e larm Everydoy LoosE MORALS

New South Wales, Fiat Linea, Fiat Automobiles, New South Wales Police Force: You don't have to be Harry Potter to use this magical wandG, #HarryPotter20 do #dontbeamuggle

Image, Meme, Humour, Know Your Meme, YouTube: You know youtre getting old when you rush home justto be like

Saratoga, Recorder, Flute, Child: Why did they make us play recorders in grade school? What were they training us for? BOY LOSES HIS RECORDER OO @cossF

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