Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Memes – 19 Pics

Pepsi brought on an enormous controversy online when they released a new commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. In the ad, Jenner strolls away from a photo-shoot to join a nondescript protest, before bonding with a cop over Pepsi

1Really, the cop drank the Pepsi, and they’re hugging like it’s V-E day.

2Got me a Pepsi in case the cops pull me over

3if you think I gotta Pepsi in my purse, think again.

4Who else saw the #WengerOut banner in the viral Pepsi ad ?

5I'm looking at vintage Pepsi ads and wow, this company has never been good at marketing:

6The only thing missing from that Pepsi ad

7You should have seen the rejected Pepsi commercial.

8"Yo Kendall, im gonna need you to come through with a pepsi, these cops are wildin"

9We did this in Baltimore. Nothing changed @Pepsi

10Pepsi: Remember when we set Michael Jackson's hair on fire, sending him into a spiral of painkiller addiction? Let's do a worse ad than that

11Hold my wig, Keisha. I've got some liberating to do!" Urn, it’s Jennifer."

12Weird that everyone's mad at Pepsi but no one complained about this Coke campaign:

13When she thinks the can of Pepsi is going to stop you from pepper spraying the nearest person of color

14Loving the protest signs in the new Pepsi advert

15When the cops come and you only got Coca-Cola in the fridge

16"Hold on hold on, she's coming over with the Pepsi and you'll see that this is just one big misunderstanding"

17if only she'd given them a pepsi

18"Throw this away for me. I'm rich."

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