Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt On Meat – 29 Pics

Salt Bae, the first notable meme of 2017. Turkish chef Nusret Gökce knows a thing or two about his meats. People on social media can’t get over the dramatic and often sensual way the restaurant owner beats, treats, and eats his meats. Here are some Salt Bae memes worth the high blood pressure.

1#SaltBae Emoji

2When all your friends are getting married and you're just like

3Her: "I don't have sex on the first date" Me:

4When you leave work at 5:02 instead of 5:00 to move closer to that promotion

5After I dress up 'classy' I drizzle a little hoe into my outfit like

6When you use "thus" in an essay

7You vs the man she tells you not to worry about

8My friends: Do you have to be so dramatic? Me:

9Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt On Meat   29 Pics

10Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt On Meat   29 Pics

11Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt On Meat   29 Pics

12When I walk into a room

13When someone is making plans you have no intention of going to, so you add "what time?" For decoration

14When you're already sarcastic and decide petty too

15My kid, 2 seconds after I finish sweeping the floors.

16#saltbae is just Juandissimo Magnifico with shades. The jig is up.

17When u say "bitch" at the end of an insult for maximum effect

18Handsome Squidward or #SquidBae? when you’re just tryna make the world a bit more handsome

19Me: Okay let's not make the same mistakes as last year turning every stupid little thing into a meme Also me:

20me spicing my week up with poor life choices and dash of self-destructive behavior

21When you add "proficient in Microsoft Office" to your resume

22When you can't think of anymore examples and write etc at the end

23When someone says something even remotely negative about you

24When you’re losing an argument so you bring up personal shit to crush his soul

25When he starts making sense and you have no come backs left

26The patriots knowing they were gonna win but keeping it close in the first half for pizazz

27When you sprinkle a wrong answer on a test so the teacher know you ain't cheat

28Adding a little Caucasian to your cv before sending it off

29Me: I want no part of this, I have zero interest in adding salt to your drama Also me:

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