Funny Tweets About Your Ex – 19 Pics

It’s never a pleasant feeling to be dumped by your ex, but the people on twitter know to give the bad feeling a nice twist by posting funny tweets about their ex. Enjoy these funny memes about your ex!

LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Meme: UnapologeticCanadian Follow darrinf It's so hot outside I almost called my ex over so I could stand by something shady. 6:43 PM-24 Jul 2016 다 465 797

United States, Ex, Social media Meme: Will Rodgers @WilliamRodgers Follow Always be yourself.. Unless you run into one of your exes... Then... Be a WAY more successful version of yourself... 6:03 PM-4 Jun 2015 Los Angeles, CA 다 1,041 1,812

Bella Hadid, New York Fashion Week, Model, Runway, Fashion, Fashion show, The Fashion Awards Meme: Giuliana Follow Princessofwifi How I think I look when I see my ex for the first time vs. how I actually look RETWEETS LIES 683 10:43 AM-1 Dec 2016 from Crema, Lombardia わ3 £7310 683

Exes, Mentalism, Magic Meme: Bryan Follow CopBroughtPizza and now for my next trick, i will saw a women in half, for this i need a volunteer, how about...MY EX WIFE SANDRA WOW DIDNT SEE YOU THERE 9:16 PM-20 Mar 2016 356 760

Ex Meme: Criminal Minds CriminalMQuotes Dec 2 me to my ex No offense, but you're not really worth getting GIF angry at れ9

Web page Meme: Follow sammy @playboi So my ex almost died today, life is really starting to go my way, maybe there is a god. RETWEETS LICE 431 6:29 PM-3 Deo 2016 わ12 431 1,1K

Adele, Singer, Concert, Singer-songwriter, 25, Hello, Celebrity Meme: Follow A @bloop "Your ex falls into a gorilla pit, wyd?" me: 3:23 PM-30 May 2016 4,999 9,004

New York City, Airplane, United Airlines, Flight, Airline Meme: Phetz checkmark.jpg @MrPhetz Follow Why did my ex gf Fav my tweet where I announced that I got laid off. Why did you do that sharon 2:06 AM-4 Dec 2011 22,346 33,802

Rapper, Notorious Meme: 汁J△1汁 Neinahh な L " Follow My ex wanna work it out, I told that bitch try Yoga RETWEETS LUIKES 167 7:42 PM-3 Dec 2016 わ! £7216 167

Ex, Love Meme: squints @lasquints Follow It's funny how we all sleep differently. I sleep on my side My roommate sleeps on his back. My ex sleeps with everybody. That sort of thing 5:27 PM-22 Feb 2016 1,358 V 2,405

Ex, Ex's Meme: fam druggn 으. Follow WTF MY EX CAN FLY?!?! RETWEETS LINE 960 1:17 PM-29 Nov 2016 わ11 1,314 7960 1.3K

Van, Meme, Drama, 9GAG, Car, Internet meme Meme: 24-7 DRAMA ALEX BIRD @AlexJBird Followw Looks like my ex has bought herself a van 12:50 PM-31 Aug 2016 わt3 495 468

Meme, Ex, Saying, Laughter Meme: Ex: I'm wit someone better than you Me: you wit God now?

Ex, Meme, The Ex, YouTube Meme: I don't have any spare change, I'm sorry Follow @ActuallyAlexis When your ex sees you in public and tries to stop you to talk 5:05 PM -2 Sep 2016 다 817 1,138

Humour, Ex, Laughter Meme: Reverend Scott @Reverend Scott Follow All I'm saying is, Ive never seen my Ex and Satan in the same room together. 10:12 AM-24 Apr 2013 わ ta 2,645 , 3,727

Meme, Ex, Will Ferrell, Humour Meme: Judy Jones @xoxomari Follow When you see Mariah Carey is charging her ex an inconvenience fee for $50 mil and you start thinking of how inconvenient all your ex's were. 7:00 PM-28 Oct 2016 다 36,254 , 52,044

Ex, Meme, Pun Meme: Looks like my ex has finally found someone Twittec modemineat United States, Ex, Ex's Meme: Alissa Violet AlinsaViolet Follow it's colder than my ex's heart in my room RETWEETS KES 398 1,769 11:54 PM-29 Nov 2016 わ28 다396 AK

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