Happy 420 Memes – 12 Pics

Happy 420 ! Let’s celebrate this day with some dank memes.

I hate people who feel the need to wear stuff like this. We get it, you smoke weed.

Find someone that looks at you the way Rihanna looks at weed

"do you play any instruments?" Me: "does this count"

You may be high but you'll never be Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush high

When your high as fuck & you try to act normal

when you high at the dinner table and you give her the mashed potatoes

wen u high af at dinner n ur mom b like "what did u do today"

When you're trying to get ready to go out but you're high as fuck

When the weed man comes thru

My children are NOT allowed to watch movies. ESPECIALLY films like "Hariy potter" which encourage weed smoking.


Them: weed will ruin your life Me: