34 Monkey Haircut Meme Dump

Monkey Haircut is a viral video of a young macaque monkey closing its eyes while receiving a haircut. Online, the video spawned a Photoshop meme in which a screen capture from the video is superimposed into other base images to appear as if a variety of people and characters are cutting the monkey’s hair.

Internet meme :

Human, Finger, Cartoon, Comics, Illustration :

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Barber, Hair, Monkey : So theres this girl shes beautiful and uhhhh

Donald Trump, Stephen K. Bannon, Hope Hicks, White House, Oval Office, Keystone Pipeline, Presidency of Donald Trump, Executive order, Executive Order 13769, Reince Priebus :

Houston, Houston Texans, World Cup Free Kicks 2, Public Relations, Screenshot, Sales, Memorial Day : There's nothing that a hundred men or more It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you I bless the rains down in africa could ever do

Joseph Stalin :

United States of America, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Decapitation : Steven Joel Sotloff

Macaque, Monkey, Video, Barbershop, New World monkey :

Stefan Burnett : MPERIAL

Columbine High School massacre :

Gorilla, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Killing of Harambe, Harambe, Child, Elephant :

Salt Bae, Alfenas, Knife :

Meme :

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James Bond

Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen :

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Hair : Use UP and X to select a haircut. R = View F = Quit Barbers Cost $50 Hairstyle Cesar Cesar & stash 550 Cesar Copreg $100 Cesar & Beard $80 Afro Afro Afro Afro Beard 250 Flarf Jheri Cornrow High Fade $150 $200 atee $300 $500 50 500

Donald Trump, Vince McMahon, WrestleMania 23 :