Funny Reasons Why I Will Be Single Forever – 16 Pics

Do you know what the benefits are of being single? You can do whatever the hell you want to do!
Cate Weinberg @CateWeinberg Follovw The Thai delivery man is the most consistent guy in my life. #Single Forever 7:47 PM-Nov 9, 2015

United States, Social media Meme: 我 KerrynFeehan Follow @KFreehams I provide my lovers with a new toothbrush when they sleep over. The phrase "remember your color" might keep me #singleforever. 10:29 AM-Nov 10, 2015

United States, Protests against Donald Trump, Republican Party, Election Meme: Kendra Cunningham @theotherkendra Follow my self help books are piled next to my bed so I can whip them at anybody who tries to leave in the middle of the night #SingleForever 1146 AM-Nov 10, 2015

Special Counsel investigation Meme: Ignacio Lozanov @inaki LoVer Follow "Joking" about marriage from the first date is probably why I'll be #singleforever 0:15 AM- Nov 11. 2015

United States, Social media, Pick-up line Meme: nunya bizness @itsnotny Follow Because I have a cat to treat me like shit already #SingleForever 10:25 AM- Nov 11, 2015

White House, President of the United States Meme: Brett Druck @BrettDruck Follow Read a blog that says telling women they're pretty is sexist/told a girl at a bar that she makes me feel good in my eyes. #singleforever 5:01 PM- Nov 9, 2015

Social media, Oculus Rift, Facebook Meme: Peggy O'Leary @PeggyOLeary Follow 95% of the time I choose garlic over kissing #SingleForever :27 PM- Nov 10, 2015

United States, Social media, First date Meme: Kristyn @kristynware Follow I once was with a guy and while trying to make our goodbyes less awkward, ended up blurting out, "you can go now." #SingleForever 12:39 PM Nov 11, 2015 20

United States, News, Source Meme: Dawn Weathersby DawnLWeathersby Follow I never quite learned the concept of sharing. A room, a closet, a bathroom uh, no. #SingleForever 2:04 PM-Nov 11, 2015

Shawn Malone Follow @shiyoninja Just fake laughed at my own joke even though it wasn't really funny and its racist tone kind of offended me. #SingleForever 3:59 PM-Nov 11, 2015

Kevin McCallister, Humour Meme: Kate @katethewasp Follow SorryI got wine drunk and said "where do you see this going?!?! even though we haven't exchanged last names. #SingleForever 9:16 AM- Nov 11, 2015

Butterfly Meme: Mi sSY Baker Follow @TheMissyBaker This is my fridge. #singleforever 5:57 PM- Nov 9, 2015 93 t17 35

Forever 16 Meme: on Matt @theKingKeohan Follow I own a flip phone. #SingleForever 0:46 AM- Nov 11, 2015

Love, Single person Meme: Whitney Heinz Duprey Follow I wear things like this in public #SingleForever 10:32 AM-Nov 11, 2015

United States, A Cold Hard Truth Meme: Hollyn Heron HollynHeron Follow ) I just wanna actually watch Netflix. No chill #SingleForever 10:19 AM- Nov 11, 2015 Chico, CA 14 21